Wednesday, December 26, 2012


What a fun day we had!!! There is a chance I went a little overboard this year. Not so much overboard with the amount of money spent, but the amount of stuff we ended up with. For 3 months I have been on the computer day and night doing all my shopping. I have scored amazing deals on everything we got. Most of the big stuff was all used off KSL, but in such great condition and for such a great price it was worth it. There is no way we could have afforded all this fun stuff otherwise. I was able to get everything I wanted for the kids at a fraction of the cost. I wish I could tell all the stories of each item I was able to find online. It was amazing the deals I found. N-e way...back to Christmas. We are so used to having to go to a bunch of places, that it was fun this year to stay home for most of the day. Here are some before pics:
 The kids woke up around 7:30 SO excited for Christmas. We were able to hold them off til 8:30 so we could sleep a little longer. We finally got up and headed downstairs.
 Since we didn't wrap the big stuff, they kept running around the room seeing all the fun stuff and couldn't decide which to look at first. I bought the power wheels car off of KSL 2 1/2 months ago. Luckily, my neighbor stored it in her basement for me. It is in such great condition and the kids have LOVED it...eventhough it's too big to drive in the house.
 Brynlee was funny bc she ended up having to open EVERY single present in her new car. It was pretty funny.
 My parents didn't come visit us til later in the day, but I was too excited about this next gift to wait that long. So we were able to Facetime (Skype) on the ipads so my parents could watch the kids open this gift. They contributed to this gift for the kids. I also sold some old toys to help pay for it. So I only paid $20 out of pocket for it! I bought it from someone that bought it 1 yr ago and barely used it, so it is practically brand new. I looked for weeks and finally found one that is perfect in every way...price, size, with a slide, and it even has 2 bball hoops in it! This made my Christmas complete for the kids! They haven't stopped jumping on it:
When they got it open Brayden kept yelling, "it's a tent! It's a tent!" I was surprised he was so excited for a tent. Luckily, this was a little better than a tent.
 After we enjoyed the morning just our little family, everyone started coming over. Josh's parents brought Grammy over to visit around 11:30 since she was going with another aunt for the rest of the day. Aaron and Rachael were both calling from their missions at noon, so we decided to have their family come to our house to all talk to them. While we were getting the Skype set up to talk to Rachael, about 12 more of Josh's extended family stopped in to visit Grammy since they live closer to us than the aunt that took her the rest of the day. So it was a full house! By 1:00ish Grammy left, as did the extended family. So it was just Josh's family talking to the missionaries. Aaron had an hour time limit, but Rachael ended up talking for 3 hrs!!! So it was 4 by the time they left. Here are a few pics from the afternoon:
 Skyping with Rachael:
 Brynlee took a quick nap and woke up as my parents came over to visit us. We spent about 45 minutes with them then headed over to the Ericson's for the evening. This pic was showing my dad one of presents I got...a remote for my camera. It took him a minute to realize why my camera kept snapping pics when he walked into the kitchen.
 Brynlee took a quick nap and woke up as my parents came over to visit us. We spent about 45 minutes with them then headed over to the Ericson's for the evening. We had a turkey dinner then opened more presents.
 Such a fun Christmas! We made it home by 9:45 and put the kids to bed and collapsed on the couch. It was such a good day I wouldn't have changed a minute of it!