Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brooklyn's First Dance Performance

Brooklyn danced at the Festival of Trees on Saturday. Of course it was the same day as Brayden's b-day party so it was a pretty hectic day. She was SO SO SO adorable! I actually teared up I was so proud of her. Here she is with her class (she is the 3rd from the left.)
 She was on cloud 9 afterwards. Here she is trying to strike a pose:
 So pretty!
 My mom couldn't make it but my aunt and grandma came to support her. Josh's parents also were able to come.
 Brayden's favorite tree:
 She is such a doll! I love her to pieces. You did a great job Brooklyn!
 And this is what happens when you try to take a picture with all 3 kids and there are a bunch of people waiting to take a picture in the same spot. Awesome.
We went to Joanna's kitchen afterwards for dinner and scones. It was a pleasant evening and a slight glimpse of our future with 3 girls!!!