Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Aguilar Family

Josh found out that a family he baptized on his mission was here visiting their son that is going to school here. We invited them to come over and eat dinner with us. Josh's companion, Kyle Yetter, and his family came as well as Steve, Rachael, Mike, and Natalie. It was a fun evening and the kids loved playing with each other. When we found out they had to check out of their hotel on Monday we invited them to stay with us for their last 3 days before they went back to Mexico. It was a lot of fun to spend so much time with them. They are a neat family and strong in the gospel. It was sad to say goodbye to them, but we should see them again sometime in the next year when they come back for their son's wedding.

Love it!

I spend a lot of time each year turning my blog into a book. I love how we now have a library of books that are our family journals. Nothing makes me happier than when I see the kids, on their own, grab one of the books and start looking through it. Brynlee especially is always looking through them. They are now starting to get a little worn around the edges, but I couldn't be happier about it.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pendleton Christmas/Bday Party

We had my mom's side of the family over to our house for their Christmas party. It was a lot of fun to see everyone. We had a yummy breakfast and the kids enjoyed playing. While my dad was upstairs we quickly decorated for his surprise 60th bday party. He was very surprised! We sang to him then I passed out a questionaire with questions about his life. It was fun to learn more about him and see how much everyone knew. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Brewer Family Christmas Party

We had a lot of fun with my family the day after Christmas. We all met at my parent's church for dinner and fun. We spent a lot of time just playing in the gym, letting the kids all ride scooters, wiggle cars, and shoot hoops.
 After diner we exchanged gifts.
 My grandma has spent the past few months making blankets for Primary Children's. She made each of the kids a blanket and pillow. They all LOVED them!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Get ready for picture overload. We had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending the entire day at home. It was really hard this year to try and make sure the kids all got "equal" gifts. It's funny how they notice how many presents each has, how big they are, etc. With the kids getting older I'm realizing that stuff costs more money! I absolutely refused to buy the kids stuff that was going to end up living in the corner of a closet somewhere, so I spent a lot of time and thought into what to get each kid. 
 The kids woke up at 8, but we made them watch shows upstairs til we were ready to get up at 9. I know...we are mean parents. Here they are on the stairs waiting.
 This was right after they turned around on 3!
The kids bought each other gifts and they were SO excited to give them to each other:
 We got a Karaoke machine for the stage that I built for the girls for Christmas.
Santa knew that the kids would spend the most time on the gift he brought them, so Santa was sneaky and hid their gift so they could open it last. They each got a Nook!
 Best. Present. Ever. Mom is very excited that I don't have to share my phone or ipad anymore.
 Little Miss Brielle
 We enjoyed the morning as a family then all the Ericsons came over around noon. Here are the 3 babies of this year...all born within 3 months:
 Skyping to Aaron in Spain on his mission:
 We talked to Aaron, played with toys, opened presents, then settled down and watched the Hunger Games.
 My parents stopped by early in the evening to visit with us and see what the kids got. The kids had a blast playing with grandpa.
 These aren't the best pics of the stage, but I built it for the girls for Christmas.