Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cabin Trip with Friends

I didn't take many pics of this trip bc it was SO busy and crazy the whole weekend, but it was SO much fun! It's been years since our group of friends have come up together. We had 8 adults and 15 kids! We had beds for everyone and the kids all did great! We got up there on Friday afternoon, then the Trimbles and Allmans came in the evening, then the Tuckers got their after dinner. Saturday was filled with lots of 4 wheeler rides, kids running around everywhere, eating, and playing hard. The wives even were able to head out for a 4 wheeler ride for an hour. The Allmans left Saturday night, and the rest of us relaxed and talked all night after the kids were in bed. Sunday the Tuckers left after breakfast, then us and the Trimbles played and relaxed the rest of the day. We cleaned up the cabin then headed down to Park City for dinner, then headed home. It was such a fun weekend! 

Before anyone had come up we looked out the window and saw a momma and a baby deer drinking from the barrel. They hung around for about 20 minutes before they headed back up the mountain!
 We went on lots of walks...
 The group! With 15 kids we were actually surprised there weren't more fights. Everyone had a friend and it was fun to see them all be creative and just play. The girls colored and played school...a lot. The boys did the boy thing and got dirty, threw stuff, ran around, and played hard.

Monday, August 24, 2015

She Sits!!!

Britney has been sitting for a while, but all of a sudden she got really good at it and doesn't want to lay down. Ever. She has gotten much happier now that she can sit and see everything and play with toys. Yay!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


I bought this 4 person folding bench to take to Brayden's soccer games. The girls have loved playing with it. 
 It's always fun to see the girls having fun together, even if it is around a screen...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brooklyn's 7th Birthday!!!

Brooklyn has been counting down the days...for months! She made me a great bday list, which actually helped me a lot when shopping for her. She had a little balloon scavenger hunt before school. She got her bike after school since they were heading outside to play. For dinner we met up with the Ericson's at La Costa, her favorite restaurant right now. We enjoyed dinner, then had treats and presents outside on the grass. It was a fun day! Happy Birthday Brooklyn!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Samantha's Birthday Celebration

After Brooklyn's bday party we quickly got ready to celebrate Samantha's birthday. She would have been 4 this year. We met at the cemetery to spend time together, talk about Sammie, and release butterflies. The butterflies hung around for quite some time and it was fun playing with them. Rachelle and Sean brought watermelons so they had quit the feast. After the cemetery we headed to their new house for dinner and to spend the evening together. It was a wonderful evening for a special angel girl.