Sunday, July 31, 2011

Natalie's Bday

For Natalie's birthday we headed over to the Ericson's. We had an enjoyable evening, eventhough I didn't take many pictures. Here are Mckinsley and Brynlee. They already have a lot of fun playing together, even if their "playing" is trying to claw each other's eyes out.
 Steve and Kay just finished putting in a new sandbox. The kids LOVED it. So did Aaron :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boston's Birthday Party

After the baby shower we rushed over to the Scott's house for Boston's 4th birthday. It was a fun water party in their backyard. The kids had a ton of fun!
They let everyone hit the pinata with a water noodle before they let one of the older kids break it:
Getting candy!

Rachelle's Baby Shower

My aunt, my mom, and I threw Rachelle a baby shower on July 30th. It was overcast and perfect weather. Here is our table, although it's kinda hard to see all the cute decorations on the table:
My aunt always makes a scrapbook for the first year of the baby. Here's Rachelle looking through it:
We had lots of family, friends, and neighbors come and support Rachelle. It was fun to talk to all of them:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Neighborhood BBQ

A few weeks ago our neighborhood had a fun bbq. It was in front of our house in the circle and the kids and I had a great time. Josh, unfortunately had his quarterly sales meetings so he couldn't make it. After dinner the kids gathered for a candy canon:
Here's the canon that's supposed to shoot taffy pretty far. It didn't work so good.
The candy went about 15 feet and was smoking pretty bad. I think Brooklyn was the only kid that ate any of it.
Here's the neighborhood eating dinner:
Brynlee was pretty fussy the whole evening for some reason. She did better when I brought out some toys for her to play in:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mowing the Lawn

I was busy making dinner while Josh was needing to mow the lawn. So since we still had this hiking backpack we borrowed from my neighbor's he strapped Brynlee on and got to work! She loved it and we have mowed the lawn this way many times since!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cabin Days 3 & 4

 Saturday was a lot of fun. We hung out all morning and the kids played. Here's Brooklyn and Claire with the flowers they picked on our walk:
After lunch we quickly packed a few things and headed off to the old cabin. Josh's grandparents originally were part of an older cabin about 15 minutes farther than this one. Once the old cabin got too many people wanting to share it, they bought their own for their family. The old cabin has a beautiful pond that we always hike to. It was interesting hiking with 6 kids and only 4 adults. The hardest part was that the water was really high. So the little streams that we usually jump over were small rivers almost a foot deep. Josh carried Brynlee on his back for most the hike to the pond. At a couple parts Brooklyn insisted on being carried as well.
Amy and Chase. He was a trooper in our make-shift sling:
 At the pond:
 Brayden got his fishing pole for his bday last year and finally got to use it! He was pretty excited:
 Brooklyn loved throwing rocks into the pond:
 Brynlee LOVED the water. Here she is playing in it:
 And this is what happens when we would pull her out of the water:
 The Trimbles:
 Our little family:
 The hike back I carried Brynlee and Brooklyn rode on Josh's back:
 We fed horses on the way back:
After the hike we went back for a much needed nap for the kids. Saturday night we just relaxed and hung out again, which was SO nice to kick back and not do anything. Sunday was also pretty laid back. Rachelle and Sean came up to spend the day and celebrate Josh's birthday. Later in the afternoon Josh's family came up, so we had a full house for the late afternoon/evening which was a lot of fun. Claire and Brooklyn sat with Rachelle while the guys played a game of horseshoes:
Since everyone was up at the cabin we celebrated Josh's birthday. Here is the AMAZING cake my sister and her husband made:
I gave Josh a plane ticket to Portland Oregon for the BYU game. He was pretty shocked and excited.
Brayden helping open presents:
And of course Brooklyn also had to help:
In the morning Brayden helped Steve cook breakfast. I made crepes for Josh since it was his birthday. We enjoyed the day relaxing, packed up, and headed home. Another great cabin trip!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cabin Days 1 & 2

For the 24th of July weekend and Josh's birthday we decided to go up to the cabin. We were able to leave Thursday evening and got home Monday night. The Trimbles came up with us and it was a TON of fun. It's a lot of fun to have kids the same age. Thursday night we made it up there late in the evening so it was too late to do too much. We got settled and got the kids to bed so we could relax and hang out. Friday we hung out at the cabin all day and went on a couple 4 wheeler rides. It was fun to see the kids just play. It gave us a much needed break and it was nice to relax. Here's Brayden and Jaxon exploring outside:
Claire riding the 4 wheeler:
Brooklyn collecting rocks:
At one point they were all sliding down the stairs together.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sadie's Birthday Party

 Last week we went to Sadie's 2nd birthday party. They had a fun water party and the kids LOVED it! Here's Brynlee in her own little pool:
Brayden and Brooklyn loved jumping off the sides of this pool into the water. They both did this all night:
Brynlee loved crawling around on all the toys.
They did a Mickey pinata. Sadie got to hit first, and then they started from the youngest and went to the oldest. There were 3 little boys all sitting next to each other, one being Brayden. When it got to their turns, Nate kept saying that Brayden would go last. I heard one of the other mothers ask how old he was, and I said 4. She then kept saying that he should go first, since her son was 5. I think she thought her son would break open the pinata and Brayden wouldn't get a turn. Her son went up and swung a few times, making the pinata swing a little bit. Then Sadie went again:
Brayden was SO anxious for his turn from the second they brought out the pinata. Finally he got his turn and he did us proud! After his first swing all the parents couldn't believe he was only four. He wacked that pinata and the candy came pouring out. Good job Brayden!!! Nice form!