Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Court of Honor

We all went to support Brayden as he moved on in Scouts. It's such a good thing he is my only scout, so I only have to feel like a failure once! I still haven't figured this scouting stuff out...for instance Brayden's scarf. I had no idea each den had a different color scarf. So I made Brayden put on the one we had for his advancement. Little did I know it was completely off and he was the only one with the bright yellow scarf. Oh well. I know now. Congrats bud on advancing!

Penguins and the Igloo

I picked up this lighted igloo with 3 penguins for the Festival of Trees tree we are doing this year in honor of Samantha. Britney and Brielle loved playing with it and even made their way inside it once or twice. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Brayden's Birthday

Brayden's birthday fell on a Sunday this year so that always complicates things a little bit. After church we were getting the house ready for everyone to come over to celebrate when I got a phone call to take the kids outside bc there was a deer in my neighbor's yard. The kids were fascinated and we watched for a while until it ran off. 

We had the Ericsons over for street tacos for dinner. Cinthya and Javier were here as well so it was a fun party. Because we were out of town last week I didn't have much time to get Brayden anything for his birthday. For weeks I've been asking him what he wanted and he really had no idea. So I gave him a rock, inside of a box, inside of a box, inside of a box, inside of a box. On the outside of the last box I taped a $100 bill. He didn't see it so he was so confused why everyone was laughing at him bc he got a rock. He finally found it and was extremely excited. So hopefully he was too disappointed in me...

Friday, November 11, 2016

Cancun Day 5 - Travel Day

 It's alway so hard to leave to go home. We spent the morning relaxing and trying to enjoy every last minute here. We laid out at the beach for a little bit, but I didn't want to spend all our time laying out so we walked down the beach about 45 min then came back. It was beautiful, romantic, and a great way to end our trip. We were back with the group to head back to the airport and come home. I feel so blessed to have a husband that works so hard and is able to provide for our family. The trips are a perk, but I'm just grateful I get to spend them with him.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cancun Day 4 - The Resort

I've been looking forward to today all week. We were so busy meeting up with Aaron and Viv, then the Catamaran Excursion, that we haven't had much time to relax at our resort. We started at the beach and relaxed all morning. We used the snorkel gear and snorkeled off the beach and saw a bunch of turtles. For some reason Josh doesn't get as sick when we snorkel off the beach, so we will have to remember to do that more than the excursions. The reef went out about 100 yards so there was lots to explore. This is a very famous beach and lots of people come here from the surrounding resorts, as well as inland. So it was pretty busy, but I can see why...it is beautiful!

After relaxing at the beach we headed to the pools. We relaxed and laid out and it was perfect. We ordered lunch at the pool, which was fantastic, and relaxed some more. It really was such a perfect day. We walked into town a little bit to find some little gifts for the kids. It is always fun to experience the different cultures and Josh loves talking to all the natives. We went to the Japanese restaurant that night for dinner, then spent the evening walking around and trying to soak in every minute!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cancun Day 3 - Catamaran Excursion

Most of the time in Cancun we had to ourselves and we didn't see work people very often. But they had booked a snorkeling catamaran excursion for us for Wednesday afternoon. We enjoyed a lazy morning, then headed to the bus to be taken to the harbor. It was pretty nice weather on shore, but as we got started we all noticed we were heading straight towards the storm clouds. I never understood why we couldn't have a change of plans and go the other direction. It was beautiful everywhere else. And sure enough, it rained and it rained. We snorkeled in light rain, which was nice, but the entire hour long boat ride there and back was in pouring rain. It was fun to snorkel around a bit, but then we were all pretty cold bc we couldn't get dry. We headed to a nice relaxing spot to eat lunch and play water volleyball, but it was pouring so hard you could hardly see. Most everyone hopped out for a quick swim but we ultimately cut the trip short and headed back to the shore. It was still fun to be around the others from work for the afternoon. 

That evening we went to a French restaurant with Russ and Mindy. We spent some time with them throughout the trip and we really enjoyed being with them. She was the dance teacher when I was in high school so I knew her back then a little bit. Their youngest daughter leaves for a mission in a few months so it was fun to get to know their family a little bit. After dinner we decided to check out the magic show that going on. It was surprisingly really entertaining. I got called up to help, as did Russ. That's what you get when you sneak in late and have to sit on the front row! It was a fun evening!