Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Lost Tooth

Brooklyn has been telling me for a few days her tooth was really loose. While she was eating cereal it all of a sudden popped out. So random! But so fun! I told her to put it in a little baggy, since the tooth fairly struggles to find it under their pillow. Within 10 minutes of putting it in her baggy, she lost it. Awesome. We found it the next day so crisis averted.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

St. George - Part 3

We had been talking about the Fiesta Fun Center ever since we arrived, and since time was running out we decided to stop by real quick after we went to the rec center Saturday night. The kids loved it, of course. Brayden had a ton of fun playing all the games, and the girls loved the slide and jungle gym. 
Sunday we got up and headed to church. We enjoyed the afternoon and relaxed before we packed up and headed out in the evening. The ride home was rough, but we finally made it and the kids went straight to bed exhausted. Such a fun trip!!!

St. George - Part 2

Saturday afternoon the guys went golfing again. While the baby was asleep, I decided to quickly take Brooklyn and Brynlee to get a mani/pedi. It was Brooklyn's second time, and Brynlee's first. They loved it. Of course it almost all came off swimming later in the day, but it was fun anyway.
 It was still raining and cold outside, so we headed to the local rec center to go swimming. Of course the kids loved it and we stayed as long as we could until they kicked us out. The kids all ended up able to go down the huge slide by themselves and loved it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

St. George - Part 1

All year we have been planning a trip to St. George with all the Ericsons as soon as Aaron got home. It was a blast!!! The drive down went better than we thought, although the drive home was awful. The 3 older kids were great, but the baby struggled. Oh well...good thing we don't have to do that again anytime soon. We stayed in 2 condos in the same complex, so we had lots of fun swimming, swimming, and more swimming. Thursday we headed down early so we had the afternoon and evening to swim and relax. Friday the guys went golfing in the morning so we took the kids swimming again. In the afternoon the adult girls went shopping. We ate and yes, went swimming again. It sure was nice having a pool right outside the condo. On Saturday it was raining, so we headed to the new children's museum in the morning. The kids LOVED it! We stayed there for a couple of hours and they enjoyed every minute of it. Here are all the pics from the museum.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Elder Ericson!

The kids have been counting down the days til when Aaron would get home from his mission. We headed to the airport and hung out waiting, and waiting. After realizing no one was totally sure if we were in the right spot, I asked and found out we were in the wrong bldg. Here we are in the wrong spot:
 We finally found the right spot and still had time to wait for quite a while. Finally Aaron emerged and the kids went nuts. So excited to have him back. It was fun to see him again!
Brayden was especially excited to get his buddy back!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flag Football

Brayden has been playing flag football with a few kids from the neighborhood. He has loved it and does such a great job. The girls do pretty good at the games, although they don't care to watch it. They just play and run around. You are doing great bud!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rec Center

I wanted to do something fun with the kids on Saturday night when Josh was in Texas, but couldn't think of anything. Then I remembered the rec center. We really haven't taken the kids swimming much, but since both Brayden and Brooklyn had friends bday parties here I decided to give it a shot. It was a little stressful to just be me and 4 kids, but we had a blast!!! Brynlee's life jacket was awful, so I had to watch her like a hawk. I bought her a new one on Amazon later that night. We are excited to now have another fun place to go to! The kids start swim lessons here soon, so we will get in our share of swimming over the next month!