Sunday, June 26, 2011

Backyard Projects/Family Sunday

We had my family over for our family Sunday last week for a bbq. I decided that the best way to get things done is to have a deadline. Since they were all coming over, we spent all week working really hard in the backyard. I was able to finish building the sandbox, put up the trampoline, and buy and set up a play house. It was such a fun night. The kids were entertained the entire night, which let the adults sit, relax, and talk. We set up a couple of blankets for the babies to play on.
Here's our sandbox. I had to dig out the railroad ties from the yard, level the area, and fit them together like a puzzle. Sean helped me nail it together. Then I stapled the weed protector stuff to it. Our sand was delivered on Saturday, so in the evening Sean, Josh, and I hauled all the sand back and dumped it. It was a lot more work than I expected, but SO worth it. The kids LOVE playing in it. I love that it is under this huge tree so it is shaded 95% of the day.
Celeste and Sadie:
Here's the tramp that we finally got up. The kids love playing on that as well.
This is the little playground I got off of KSL. I saw it 2 minutes after they posted it and immediately called and bought it. I bought it for $50. 2 days later someone had the same one on KSL for $350. The next day someone else posted one for $475. I would say that I got a good deal! The kids LOVE it, of course.
The twins sat in these cars ALL night. It was so fun to see them so entertained.
Sadie loved the car as well.
Even Brynlee got in on the car action. Good thing we have 3 of these!
The food:
The group:
I set Brynlee inside the tub of toys and she loved it. She kept giggling and laughing.
Thanks Josh and Sean for helping so much in the yard this week. I'm excited because we finally have stuff out there for the kids to do!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NBA Draft

Anybody that knows Josh would know that the NBA draft is a big deal, especially with the Jazz having 2 big picks. (Not to mention that one guy named Jimmer.) So we got together and had a bbq at Jeff and Amy's house with Adam and some of their friends. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast together. Here's Brynlee loving all the toys:
Brooklyn loves their little kitchen set and always makes food for all of us.
We had an enjoyable evening and stayed pretty late. We finally got the kids to sit down and relax when I pulled out Brooklyn's show. Her and Claire were so adorable playing together all night. I love that they are holding the tv's exactly the same way.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Like always, Father's Day was pretty hectic. We had a nice morning at church, where Brayden got to sing with the Primary. Once he got to the front, he wouldn't stop waving until every single one of us, including Brooklyn, waved back. Such a cutie! After church we were able to give Josh his gift. Here the kids are giving it to him:
And of course they had to unwrap it (it's a BYU grill cover.)
While the kids took their naps, I rushed over to visit my 2 grandpas. We woke the kids up early from their naps and headed over to my dad's. Again, the kids had to help open presents.
Since we were on vacation for Mother's Day, I wanted to be sure to get a picture with both my parents. I'm so happy with how this one turned out.
We then headed over to the Ericson's for dinner with Steve's family. It was fun to see everyone and let all the kids play. Here's the kids with Steve:
Steve and Kay with the kids:
Add Mckinsley and you get all the grandkids!
Cute little Mckinsley is getting SO big!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Like all babies, Brynlee loves to be outside. She loves crawling around, and has figured out how to crawl on the grass without having it touch her legs. It is SO cute when she does her spider crawl!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Box

After I took this picture, I vaguely remembered taking pictures of the other kids in boxes around the same age. It was fun to look at the pictures and see how they each looked at this age. Here's Brynlee:

8 Months!

 I'm still behind on these month updates, but I'm getting closer to being caught up. On June 13th Brynlee hit 8 months. She continues to be the most adorable thing ever! She still rarely cries and loves to be a part of everything. She is crawling all over the place now, which has helped her be much happier. She still doesn't eat much baby food, but we're working on it. She LOVES grabbing my face with both hands, pulling it close to her, and giving me open mouth slobbery kisses. Those kisses are definitely worth all the little scratches that come with it. Brooklyn has started playing with Brynlee more and more and now they will roll around on the floor together and are always laughing together. We love you Bryn!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Brynlee has been army crawling around the house for quite some time. She got SO much happier once she could move around. Lately she finally has realized that it is better to be on the knees.
She does this ALL the time. When she's on grass, tile, etc. she'll push her legs straight and do a spider crawl. It's pretty funny to watch.
I think she's practicing to be a dancer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The iPad

So Josh surprised me with an iPad for my birthday and I have LOVED it! My kids, however, think that it is their iPad and that they should get the same amount of time with it as I do.  It is fun to see them play games together. And yes, we take it to church with us. I finally am able to listen to the speakers again since the kids will read books and play games on it without making a sound. This is Brayden helping Brooklyn when it was her turn to play:
This is Brooklyn not so happy that Brayden is helping:

Friday, June 3, 2011


A couple of days before Amy and Jeff had their baby, we watched their other 2 kids. It's always fun to get together with them because Jaxon and Brayden are only 9 months apart, and Brooklyn and Claire are 7 months apart. Brynlee and Chase will be only 8 months apart, so that will be fun as well. Brayden and Jaxon spent the majority of their time playing hoops, of course, on our new double shot:

 The girls, on the other hand, spent the majority of their time playing with Brooklyn's dollhouse and baby dolls. It's so fun to see Brooklyn play with girl stuff. She usually is just tagging along with Brayden.