Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grandparent Day

Brayden had a special grandparent's day at preschool last week. Josh's parents picked him up and got to spend and hour with him. It was fun to see how excited Brayden was to show them everything that he's learned. Afterwards they took him to lunch and brought us some lunch as well. Since his class was only 1 hr and it was SO nice outside, we decided to sit outside and play on the grass until they came back.

 I love how babies are on the grass. They just don't like to touch it!
 So cute!
 Of course everyone had to get in the picture!
 Brayden with Steve and Kay:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poor Girl

We feel extremely blessed that we have never had any type of emergency in our home. We've never had to drop everything and head to the ER, Instacare, or our pediatrician. Well that all changed last week. I was home with the girls while Brayden was at preschool. Brynlee was on the floor having her tummy time (which she LOVES) while I was opening the mail in the kitchen about 10 ft away. Next thing I knew Brynlee was screaming, which is very rare for her.  As soon as I turned around I knew exactly what happened. You see, Brooklyn loves to help out and mimick what I do. I am always flipping Brynlee over to her back, so naturally she tries to do the same. I've caught her a few times as she is rolling Brynlee over. The problem is that Brynlee's arm gets stuck and twisted while she attempts to do so. Each time I try to teach Brooklyn that she shouldn't try to roll her over...only mom does it. Well, this time she succeeded. I picked up Bryn and knew something was hurting. I tried for about 45 minutes to get her to calm down, which she did a few times. But as soon as I would move her she would start screaming again. So we quickly loaded up, still in pj's and headed off to get Brayden. My sweet mother-in-law met us as the pediatrician's office and took Brayden and Brooklyn to get some lunch since they were way hungry and ornery. The Dr. checked her out and luckily nothing was broken or dislocated. Unfotunately, she did sprain her shoulder. It was SO sad to see her hurting, but I was very relieved it wasn't anything serious. The Dr. basically said to be really gentle and let her start using her arm at her own pace. She slept the majority of the day, but when she was awake she wouldn't move her arm. It was really tricky to nurse her since she winced and cried every time we moved her. Here is how she spent 2 days. It's a good thing we had borrowed my sister-in-law's boppy 2 days earlier!
On the second day she started moving her arm a little bit, and by the 3rd day it was as if nothing had happened. She still winces on occassion, but she's back to her normal self.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grandma's 80th Birthday

Last Sunday Josh's grandma celebrated her 80th birthday. She had a stroke last year and we're not sure how much longer she'll make it. It was fun to have everyone together to celebrate. Here are all the great-grandkids (except Aaron and Isaac in Washington.)
 Little Mckinsley and grandma. I love this picture:
 We had a mini photo shoot with Brynlee and Mckinsley. I'm so excited that these 2 are only 3 months apart. It will be so fun for them to play together!
 I love this little girl!!!
 This is a good picture to see how long Mckinsley is. They are the same length!!! Brynlee is long, but Mckinsley is off the charts long. It will be fun to see how they each continue to grow the next year.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This post is solely to remember to NEVER let your husband leave his clothes in boxes for 6 months. When we moved here most of his clothes were in boxes somewhere in the garage. I finally found them and let him know he could get them anytime. Fast forward 6 months...he finally got his boxes of clothes out and boy did they smell like storage! They were all wrinkled and had quite the odor. So I spent 3 days doing about 15-20 batches of laundry to clean his entire closet of clothes (he has about twice as many clothes as I do!) You owe me BIG time!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Field Trip

Brayden's preschool class went to the Firestation for a field trip. Josh stayed home with the girls so I could take him. Brayden loves his preschool class and his teacher. Here are the kids crawling under the "smoke."
 Taking a tour of the kitchen:
 Going through the firetruck:
 Brayden's class:
 Brayden loved dressing up in the coat:
 But he didn't like the siren very much:
 Such a cute boy!

The Dora Tent

For Christmas Brooklyn got this blowup Dora ballpit from Josh's mom. The kids LOVE it. They are into building forts and finding hideouts right now. I heard them laughing hysterically the other day so I went to check out what they were doing:
I was surprised that they didn't get hurt since they were both inside it at the same time rolling down the stairs. Fun times!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo Shoot

It's fun to practice taking pictures. I'm going to be taking photography classes soon, so hopefully I'll finally learn how to use my camera. Here's a bunch of pictures I took of Brynlee the other day after I changed her diaper, hence the open pj's. The lighting was great and Brynlee was happy so it was a good combination.

5 Months!!!

Really?! I swear I just did her 4 month update. Brynlee continues to be a joy in our home. She is SO curious about everything that she has to be sitting up 100% of the time - don't even think about holding her in the cradle position. She can almost sit up on her own! She is rolling all over the place and loves to play with toys. She especially loves playing with her brother and sister. I have her on a great sleeping schedule, with one nap in the morning and a long 3 hr nap in the afternoon at the same time as the other kids. She has been really healthy with only 2 small runny noses so far, which is surprising since the other kids have had their fair share of colds. We are so blessed to have you in our family Bryn!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patricks Day

It has been hard getting in to the past couple of holidays because all of our decorations are still in boxes in the garage. St. Patrick's Day snuck up on me this year. In the morning I was reading on Facebook about all the fun stuff other people did for their kids in the morning. Leprechauns left stuff in their shoes, turned their breakfasts green, left footprints all over the house, and many other fun things. So after realizing how lame I was, I decided to throw together some fun stuff while the kids were napping. Brayden had a fun party at school, and it happened to be the day he was the special leader. Needless to say he had a fun day at preschool. While he was gone, I started telling Brooklyn that a leprechaun was going to come while she was asleep and leave her a treasure. Big mistake. For some reason she became terrified that the leprechaun was going to eat her. So she wouldn't leave my side the rest of the morning. Here is the little photo shoot I had after lunch:
Finally the kids went down for their naps and I pulled out a bunch of leftover shamrocks I had from 5 yrs ago. I hurried and threw together a little treasure hunt for the kids. They were super excited when they woke up, as long as I didn't mention the leprechaun. We tried to focus on the treasure hunt. I hid shamrocks around the house that had clues on them. Here the kids are at the beginning:

One of the clues was found inside the dryer. We had told the kids that everything the leprechaun touched turned green. Brayden was fascinated with the green laundry that the leprechaun had touched:
I loved watching the kids run from clue to clue as they figured out wehre to go:
I love Brooklyn's face as she found a clue on the green milk. Brayden ended up drinking it all as Brooklyn wasn't a fan.
Their treasure was waiting for them inside the Dora tent. They were thrilled to get Mike 'N Ikes along with green Fruit by the Foots and green candy canes (yes...stuff I found in the cupboard.)
Here the kids are after they put all their shamrocks on the wall. Happy St. Patricks Day kids!!!

On a side note, after naps the kids got some marshmallows and raisins for their snack. I was on the computer not paying attention when I turned around and found this. Brooklyn had been wearing my shoes and for some reason decided it would be fun to eat her snack out of my shoes. Yes...her raisins and marshmallows are inside those shoes. Gross!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disneyland Jars

We are taking the kids to Disneyland next month. We've worked so hard on our 2 houses the past 2 yrs that we all need a break. The kids are too young to grasp the concept, but they deserve this trip. They have been troopers throughout our house projects as they have been a little neglected while we've been working so hard.

I've been trying to find a reward/punishment system lately. Brooklyn is a drama queen and time out just doesn't work very well. Somehow I came up with the idea of Disneyland jars. I'm not a fan of rewarding with money because I don't want the kids to focus so much on money. But I didn't have anything else, and money is a huge motivating factor for little kids. So we sat down one morning and decorated our jars. I had a bunch of Disney stickers that the kids got to put on their jars.
Now they get to earn money to put in their jars to earn their trip to Disneyland. We'll let them take their money on our trip and they can buy something there. So far it is working SO much better than I thought it would. They love to help out, sometimes for the money but sometimes just to help. They also HATE it when they are naughty and I take money out. Brooklyn especially hates when I take money out. So hopefully we can keep this up!

Of course Brynlee loved hanging out with us all. We tried some veges, but it didn't go over so well. We've got to keep working on rice cereal first.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Talk

Brayden gave his first primary talk last week. I was very excited when we got the little piece of paper the week before and had plans to put his talk together early in the week so he could practice it all week long. Hmmm...didn't happen. I totally forgot about it since the kids were sick all week. Saturday night Josh listened to his messages which had the reminder phone call on it. Woops. I wasn't even planning on taking the kids to church because they had colds. So Saturday night Brayden and I threw together his little talk. I was shocked that after going through it only twice he had it memorized (the picures help). Unfortunately, I couldn't go watch because Brooklyn was too sick and Josh had to teach that same hour. So he put a video on for his class and went and helped him. Josh said he did great! I made him do it for me when he got home. Here it is!

The prophet teaches us many things.

P is to pray
R is to read the scriptures
O is to obey mom and dad
P is to go to primary
H is to be happy
E is to be an example
T is to go to the temple

I will follow the prophet so Heavenly Father will be happy.
Good job Brayden! You are getting SO big. We are proud of you!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rice Cereal

I remember when Brayden hit 4 months I was SO excited to start rice cereal. With Brooklyn, the excitement wasn't as strong and I started a few weeks after 4 months. With Brynlee I've procrastinated even longer and finally have gotten around to it (she's now 5 1/2 months while I'm writing this.) Like all kids she thinks it's quite fun and is still getting the hang of it.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Brayden LOVES playing Mario Bros on the Wii. He gets to play for @ 20 minutes after Brooklyn goes down for her nap and before he goes down for his. The other day I put Brynlee in her exersaucer so I could hop on the computer for a few minutes. When I poked my head around the corner to check on her, this is what I found. Apparently she loves to watch Brayden play Mario. I couldn't believe how enthralled she was.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Fever

We definitely have spring fever here, especially since Brynlee was born and we've stayed home more than normal. This week has been SO nice outside we've taken advantage of every second. It's funny how the kids can play outside for an hour with minimal toys, yet inside with all the toys in the world they can't stay occupied longer than 5 minutes. Hmmm...interesting. N-e way, here they are, not sure what they are doing but they are loving it.
Anything that vaguely resembles a sword gets turned into some kind of weapon. Brayden took off the ends of these golf clubs (yes that's right...they were golf clubs at one point.) Now they carry these sticks around everywhere to fight the bad guys. Brayden calls them his Donatello sticks - thank you Josh for introducing Brayden to the Ninja Turtles at such a young age.
Brooklyn has never seen Barney, yet she loves her Baby Bop. It's not her "lovey" but she is always playing with it.