Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bball Game

We ran to Brayden's ball game after the dance competition. I managed to snap a few pics of the little girls but failed, however, to take a pic of Brayden. Oops. 

Herriman Dance Competition

What a day!!! Brayden had an early soccer game so he took Brayden while I got the girls ready for their competition. I took all the girls to the soccer game and switched cars with Josh and handed off the 2 little ones and we were on our way. We are supposed to get to the competitions 1 hour before their dance. We were about 10-15 min late so we got there about 45 min before Brooklyn was scheduled to dance. We were getting her costume on when I noticed the other girls from her team disappeared. Next thing I knew one of the other moms came running in saying they were next. What??? We still had half an hour!!!! That other mom and I rushed to get her costume on while we were running down the hall to the stage. We got to the stage just as her music started. Oh my gosh! What just happened?!?! I was SO mad! Apparently they were way ahead of schedule. Um...not cool. I couldn't believe how close we were. My mom barely missed it too so we were kinda upset about it. They took a break shortly thereafter bc everyone was complaining bc no one was ready for their dances that early! The entire day they had to stop and take LONG breaks to get back on schedule. It turned out they planned 3.5 minutes for each dance, whereas most of them are 2 min and it only takes 20 seconds to exit the stage and have the next dance come on. So they miscalculated how long it would take. I guess being ahead of schedule is better than being behind, but geez! What stress! The rest of the competition went great. We lucked out and all 4 of the girls dances were fairly close to each other so after a few hours we headed home! Just in time to run to Brayden's ball game.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Brooklyn's Grandparent Program

Brooklyn has been working for months on her grandparent program at school. Her story was chosen to be shared so she has spent a lot of time memorizing it. She told the story of her first dance competition in St. George. Grandma Brewer came with Brooklyn, Britney, and me and we had a great time! Brooklyn did great and it was fun to watch. I got a babysitter for Brielle and Britney so it was nice to be able to sit and watch without running after the little ones. Grandma Brewer was able to come and loved spending the extra time with Brooklyn. They have a special bond and I love watching the 2 of them together. 

Monday, April 25, 2016


So I've been thinking about doing this for a while. Britney has been taking off her headband more and more and the other day someone asked how old "he" was. Well that's all it took for me to decide we needed some bling in those ears! And of course if I'm piercing the baby's ears, then I might as well get both of them done so I'm cleaning them both then done with it forever! Brielle was super nervous about it, but not because she didn't want earrings. She just didn't like someone invading her space. But the lady at Claire's was SO good with her and they were able to do both ears at the same time so it worked out great! The baby was a champ and as soon as she got her sucker she was good. It's hard to see in the pic, but they are adorable. I haven't regretted it for a second. Now Britney will always be super girly...with or without a headband!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dancing Girls

We went to the Allman's to have dinner and let the kids play. I helped Andrew put together their climbing dome that's just like ours. When we finished with that the girls informed us that they were ready to put on their "show." They danced, and danced, changed clothes, and danced some more! It's fun to see them have so much fun together. Even Brielle and Emmy did their dance for us! I can't wait to see them in their recital!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fridge!!! Run!!!

This little girl LOVES to eat. As soon as my kids outgrow their reflux it's like they finally realize food is yummy and doesn't always make your tummy hurt! Whenever I open the fridge Britney will run as fast as she can to play in it. She loves playing with all the sauces, but she also loves to find anything and everything to eat. It's pretty cute.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Movie Night!

We aren't home on Sunday nights very often, but this day we were and decided to do a movie night. I was sick so it was nice to just lay around with all the kids. We watched Toy Story 3 and enjoyed it!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dinner & Grandparents

We had a super busy evening, but we managed to do everything we planned. We first went to Brayden's bball game, quickly changed and got ready for a wedding reception. We went to one of Josh's Mexican accounts for dinner, which is where Britney tried a lemon and I got a pic of the best sour face! After dinner we headed to the wedding reception of one of Josh's work friends. We were there for probably 5 minutes bc they were heading out, but we at least got to say congratulations. We then headed over to my grandparent's house to visit. It was fun to talk to them and the kids did ok. They loved chasing the cat around the house, then Josh took the kids outside so I could chat with my grandparents a little bit. Then we headed home, had ice cream cones (bc we missed the dessert at the wedding, but we had promised the kids if they ate their dinner they would get cake at the wedding so we had to pay up), and headed to bed!

Bingham Flight 3

Brayden continues to enjoy his super league team. They practice a lot and we can tell Brayden is really improving!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Brielle's Bed

Most of the pics of Brielle's room makeover are on my phone, so I'll have to post those soon. After much searching, I finally decided to put paintable wallpaper on the slats of her bed, then paint them pink. It turned out SO cute! I can't wait to post the pics of her room all done!


Yep...still waiting for her to learn how to use a fork.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


It's never a good sign when the little ones are quiet, but sometimes them being quiet is exactly what makes you forget about them. I was busy with the older kids doing the next room only 10 feet away.  When I finally thought I should check on them (I knew they were in the kitchen) I found that they had opened the sprinkle container and dumped out a couple bottles of sprinkles all over the floor. Brielle tried to help clean them at a time. Nope! That wasn't going to work! I got out the vacuum and cleaned them up. What a fun day! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

1st Day of Preschool!

As soon as Brielle turned 3 she graduated from the early intervention program for her speech delay and now enters the state program. She gets bussed to a preschool at a nearby elementary school that has a mixture of kids with delays and kids with no delays. We went and met her teacher last week and Brielle, although apprehensive, has been excited! She got a new backpack, outfit, and shoes for her big day!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Brielle's Birthday - Part 2

Such a crazy day! As soon as we got back from the dance competition I was running around crazy trying to get ready for Brielle's party. After Brayden's game was over we headed to the rec center to go swimming. We invited a bunch of friends and family and most of them came! It was so fun to see everyone and the kids all had a blast! We swam for a bit, then headed into the party room for snacks, cupcakes, and presents, then swam some more! I think we were there for over 3 hours! The kids loved swimming and even the adults enjoyed it! Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate Brielle turning 3!