Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Brielle has been in speech therapy since she was 2. Jaimie has been coming to our house 2-3 times a month to work with her. It's been neat to see the bond they have created over time. It was sad to have our last meeting together bc Brielle is turning 3 and is aging out of the Early Intervention program. Now she will be going to preschool through the state where she will continue to receive help with her speech. Thank you Jaimie for all you've done for Brielle!

Monday, March 28, 2016


Hopefully this will be the last snow storm of the season! It's been so nice to start playing outside that it just felt weird to get the snow stuff out again...of course it was all packed away. Brielle was the one that started it. I was cleaning and doing chores with the kids when Brielle ventured out back. She came in after a few minutes with bright red toes and asked for her boots. Reluctantly I put them on her...just the boots bc I figured it was just for a few minutes. Well a couple minutes later she came in with bright red fingers asking for her gloves. Next thing I knew I had to pull out all her snow stuff, dress her up and send her outside. She was out there for about 20 minutes when I finally caved and let all the kids get their stuff on and go outside. They played for probably an hour before coming in for some yummy grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter - Part 2

After church we relaxed for a little bit then headed over to my parents house. We had dinner, another egg hunt, and the traditional Easter egg roll. Josh won the first tournament, but lost to Ali who was the winner of the second tournament. The kids had a lot of fun rolling their eggs as well. It was a fun evening and we all enjoyed being with each other!

Easter - Part 1

Josh and I waited as long as we could before the kids insisted that we get out of bed and let them see if the Easter bunny came. They loved checking out their buckets and looking for their eggs. After some yummy german pancakes for breakfast we got ready for church. The kids looked SO cute! I've been working on their outfits for quite some time, trying to get them all coordinated. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dying Eggs

We didn't have time to dye eggs at the Ericson's, so we invited the Trimbles over to dye eggs with us...which turned out perfect bc they were planning on doing that anyway. The kids had a blast playing with each other and decorating eggs! (The last pic of Brynlee is how I found her after she fell asleep. I think she's a little excited for the Easter bunny to come!)

Easter w/ Ericsons

Since we will be celebrating Easter with my family, we got together with the Ericson's for brunch on Saturday morning and an Easter egg hunt. The kids had a lot of fun looking for eggs and getting lots of candy! And yes...the balloons got caught in the fan. Lots of screaming happened in those 10 seconds!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

St. George - Day 5

It's always sad for a fun vacation to come to an end, but it is inevitable. We spent most of Wednesday morning cleaning the condo, then headed out to go to the museum. The kids loved it, of course. It was fun seeing them use their imaginations and play together. We stopped back at the condo to quickly eat, finish packing up, and then headed out! We made one quick stop on the way home but that was it! The kids did great for the most part. Britney slept for about an hour, which helped. I had to drive since Josh was doing his work the whole way, so it was a little boring for me but we made it! We had such a fun time and are so glad the Trimbles were able to come and let us stay with them. Can't wait til we go again!