Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moving Day

Well...the day finally came to move. We were smart this time and called a week in advance to get a 26ft Uhaul. Josh's cousin Sara offered to take the kids for the day, which turned out to be the BIGGEST life saver. So with them gone in the morning and lots of help from family and friends, we packed up the truck and headed over to the new house. We made 2 trips with the Uhaul, so it took the majority of the day. We were moving into the house as the owner was moving out, so it was a little tricky b/c they weren't quite ready when we showed up. The only pictures I took during the day was when they were moving my piano. I was not sure they were going to make it, but they backed up the truck right to the front door so they wouldn't have to go down the stairs. They did the same thing when they unloaded it. I still can't believe they did it, with only one minor scratch as a result.

We are SO glad to be somewhat settled in. We feel blessed that the owner of the house was willing to move out early so we could move in with the baby on the way. We haven't officially closed on the house, so we are just "renting" it from the owner until we actually own it. The basement is a full apartment so we are living down there for now. As soon as we close we'll start working on the top two floors (painting, carpeting) then we'll move up there. So until's just one big playground for the kids. It's hard being in limbo still with most of our stuff still boxed up in the garage, but we are glad we won't have to move twice. Thanks to everyone who came and helped!!! We couldn't have done it without you! Here is an outside picture of the house. Don't be deceived...the outside looks great but it really need a lot of work inside (those pics will come at some point.)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Ahhh...moving time. Seems like just last month we moved into this house, and now we're moving out of it. And what is it that comes with moving??? Boxes!!! The kids have LOVED having boxes all over the house to play with.

Here's a picture of the kids when we were moving out of our condo into this house. Wow...they've grown SO much this year!

Bees Game

A few weeks ago we had free tickets to the Bees game. We went with Nick and Kesha and their two kids Boston and Easton. We decided to ride Trax down to the game, which was fun for the kids and helped with parking.
As soon as we walked in we saw the Bees mascot and the boys loved giving him hugs and high fives. Brooklyn was a little hesitant to get close, but the rest of the night she kept looking for the "bumble bee."

The kids first taste of cotton candy:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brooklyn's Birthday

I can't believe my little baby is 2!!! She has grown from a baby to a toddler way too quickly. We had planned on going to the zoo as a family in the morning, but decided that it would be better to wait for a day that Josh's work schedule was a little easier. So the kids I enjoyed the morning doing fun things around the house. After the kids woke up we took them to the Incredible Pizza Place in Draper. While we were eating the kids decided to hug, which doesn't happen too often. So cute!
Skeeball is definitely one of our family's favorites:

Of course the majority of Brayden's time is spent here:
Other random games:
This is one of Brooklyn's favorite rides:
Driving the car:
We let them pick out one prize using the points we all earned. Of course they went for the little basketball hoops. I'm just glad they picked out the same thing so they didn't fight over them by the time we got home.

We love you Brooklyn! We are so glad you are a part of our family. We love your sweet spirit and cute personality. You are definitely our little princess!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brooklyn's Birthday Eve

Josh's family was busy on Brooklyn's birthday, so we decided to celebrate it with them the night before. We went over to his parent's house and had a bbq. Here's Brooklyn lounging before dinner:

Brooklyn LOVES Elmo, so I got this Birhtday Elmo doll to set on the table. She found it quickly and loved carrying it around. It sings Happy Birthday and she giggled every time he started singing to her:
After dinner we did the presents. Of course big brother Brayden had to get in on the action and show her how to do it:
She caught on quickly and loved opening all the fun presents:
Someone found a caterpillar and Brayden was in love:
Here's Broolyn saying and showing how old she is. She's still working on holding up the two fingers:
Our family: After presents we did cake and ice cream. The second we lit a match Brooklyn was covering her ears, something she does all the time lately. She covered them while everyone sang as well:
Getting ready to blow:
Eating her cake...need I say more?!

Thanks to the Ericson's for all the fun gifts and a fun party!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Salt Lake County Fair

A few weeks ago we took the kids to the Salt Lake County Fair. Our good friends came with and we had a lot of fun. This now makes it 11 years that Josh and I have gone to this fair together (minus missions of course.) The highlight for the kids is always the petting zoo area. Brayden loved feeding all the animals carrots, although the bigger animals he wasn't a fan of.
It took Broolyn some time to warm up to the animals. Of course she had to plug her ears when we first entered, eventhough it was not loud at all. She didn't really like many of the animals, but as soon as she found the bunny she fell in love.

Brayden has a little sword at home that is totally broken and falling apart, so a new sword has been on our list of things to get him. So of course when they had these swords at the fair we couldn't resist getting him one, eventhough I'm against buying stuff there. After going to the 4 different booths selling them, I finally bought the one I thought would last the longest. We had to get Brooklyn one, of course, and ended up buying one for Boston as well. All I can say is that it has been worth a lot more than the $5 we paid for them. The kids haven't stopped playing with them, and it's almost a months since the fair. Brooklyn's did break, however, when Josh and his brothers were playing b-ball and the ball hit the sword. But Brayden still carries his around everywhere and even sleeps with it. Surprisingly, the lights and sounds still work! Here are the kids playing with them at the fair. I love how they all tried putting them in their shirts to carry them around.
And of course Brayden had to ride the 4-wheeler. He keeps asking to go to the cabin to go riding. Looks like we'll have to go again soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of Preschool

On August 12th Brayden officially started preschool! I still can't believe our little guy is big enough for school. It was hard to pick a school, not knowing exactly where we were going to be. So I ended up holding a spot for him at one in Sandy as well as one in South Jordan where we were hoping to move to. Luckily we sold the house 2 weeks before the school in South Jordan started, so we decided to start him there, still hoping that we would end up in South Jordan.

Brayden's teacher is Miss Robyn and he absolutely LOVES it! He is one of the older kids in the class and is quite a bit ahead of the others, however he is still learning and doing really well. We weren't sure how he'd do having to go by himself, but he literally has never looked back. We got him a BYU backpack, of course, and everyday he is asking if he can go to school. On the other hand, Brooklyn cries every time we drop him off and will ask for him continuously the entire 2 1/2 hrs he's gone. It's really sweet. Here he is all ready to go on his first day:

Of course Brooklyn had to get in on the action. If you look closely you can see huge tears streaming down her face b/c she wanted to be in the picture that badly.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A few weeks ago I got together with a few girls I danced with. We had a fun picnic and let the kids play. It was fun to see everyone and hopefully we can do it again soon!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Discovery Gateway

I wanted to take the kids to the museum again since our passes expire at the end of August. Trianna came with us and brought her adorable little boy Jordan. We had a lot of fun, like always!