Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Crystal the Caterpillar

Yesterday I saw Lexi acting really weird outside. She kept sniffing the ground and kind of jumped back a few times. Today Brielle and Britney came inside telling me that there is the biggest worm they've ever seen outside. I went outside and realized it's a caterpillar! That's what Lexi was so afraid of yesterday! It was in the middle of our patio, which I didn't think was the best spot. So I read online what to do to catch a house a caterpillar in hopes that it would make a cocoon and turn into a butterfly. The kids loved watching Crystal for a few days...until she dried up and died. It was a bummer that it didn't survive, but fun while it lasted!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Slip 'n Slide

The kids had so much fun on the 4th of July doing the slip 'n slide at the Ericsons that they wanted to do it again at our house. So they spent a few hours outside running around enjoying the hot weather!

Dance Camp

The girls had their first dance camp weekend. It's fun that they love dance so much!!! They have loved the summer break, but are ready to get dancing again.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Long Walk

Brynlee decided she wanted to take the little girls on a walk, even though it was extremely hot outside. So she got them all packed up and headed out! They made it to the end of the street where the neighbors had a lemonade stand. So Brynlee left them there while she ran home to grab some money. Then she ran back so she could get cups of lemonade for everyone. Then she walked the girls back home to give me a glass of lemonade, then headed back out to finish their walk. I thought they would've been done at that point, but she REALLY wanted to take them around the corner and down the next street. So she set back out. I had to drop Brooklyn off at dance so I looked for them on my way out and didn't see them...I even asked the kids at the lemonade stand if they had seen them. When I came back into the neighborhood a couple minutes later the kids at the lemonade stand point to where they saw Brynlee running by the Jensen's house. So I drove around the corner and found Brynlee alone. She said they were really thirsty so she left the girls and ran to Marc's house to get cups of water but he wasn't home. She really wanted me to leave so she could be in charge and finish their walk, but I looked up the street and saw the little ones in the wagon on the side of the road way far up the street. A neighbor was talking to them and I'm sure she was confused and concerned, so I drove up there to explain why there were 2 little kids in a wagon on the side of the road. lol. I drove home and waited for Brynlee to bring the little ones home and quickly got them some water. Brynlee was clearly hitting the heat exhaustion stage and started getting really sick. She had just run up and down the streets multiple times, plus pulled the wagon of girls around. So I got the AC blowing and had her lay down by it until her body was able to cool down. Wow. What a walk! It touched my heart how much she wanted to do this for her sisters and do it by herself. I sure love these kids.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Josh's Birthday

We headed to La Fountain for dinner to celebrate Josh's birthday. It was fun to be with those that came even if it wasn't for very long. Happy birthday Josh!

1st Day of School

With year round school we only get 3 weeks in-between finishing school and starting the new year. So it's just like they went off track and now they are starting back on track...only this time in a different grade! They have been pretty excited to start the new year. Brayden is now in 6th grade, Brooklyn is in 5th, Brynlee is in 2nd, Brielle is in kindergarten (she starts a week later), and Britney starts preschool next month! Wow!!! This is the first year all my kids will be in school! It's pretty exciting!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

B-day Prep

The girls had this idea to decorate Josh's car for his bday. So they spent an hour before bed writing on post it notes and putting them all over his car so that when he woke up on his bday he would see them. They loved working on it!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Another Cabin Trip

We headed up to the cabin again for the Pioneer Day weekend with the Ericson's. It was a lot of fun like always. Brayden's buddy Dodger has a cabin up there and they were up there this weekend so those boys bounced back and forth between the cabins. We brought the air soft guns again and that's pretty much all they did. The girls did a lot of crafts and once again they spent hours and hours painting rocks. We had the brilliant idea of setting up the rock painting table on the deck this time and that worked out great!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Quick Trip to the Park

We headed to the park to eat and play with the Jensens. We got a couple of pizzas and let the kids run around and play!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Britney's Arm Follow-Up

We headed back to the doctor today...12 days post break. The dr had told us we could either come in before we went to the cabin or after, with the hopes of her arm healing well and potentially being done with the half cast. We decided to go in after the cabin just to have the extra protection of the cast while we were at the cabin. The dr we had seen wasn't there so they put us with one of the other doctors. He struggled. We had first waited 45 min to even be seen by him, and he had no clue what to do with a little kid. So he said we would just put a hard cast on it for 4 weeks, but he had a hurt shoulder so he couldn't do it. The other doctor was behind so he wanted us to wait at least another hour for him to cast it.  Ummm...I don't think so. We were expecting to be done with the cast, not put a hard on one without having any follow up x-rays. I told him we had a family party and would have to come back later that night to get the hard cast. So of course I let Britney play in the water at the splash pad expecting to go back for a hard cast. We went back at 8:30 to quickly get a cast put on, but ended up seeing a different doctor first. She wasn't so sure about the hard cast and was showing me on her phone what google says about this type of fracture in little kids. Ummm...thanks but I can google on my own. I went to see a doctor. She decided to re-do the x-rays, then decided to re-do the half cast and talk to our original doctor the next day to see what she wanted to have done. So her and one of the nurses re-did Britney's half cast but did a horrible job...they only went to above the wrist instead of below the wrist so it hurt every time Britney rotated her hand or bent it. After spending 3.5 hrs there throughout the day I was just done so we left and went home. The next morning I called the doctor's office to find out if we needed to have the half cast done again bc I felt like it wasn't done like it should've been. They ended up connecting me to the office manager who told me I was on her list to call to find out what had happened the day before. I guess it should make me feel better that they were realizing there was a problem with my daughter's care. So I talked through everything with her...from the extremely long wait times, seeing multiple non-pediatric doctors, to googling information in front of me, to having 3 different opinions of what we needed to do. I told her I was ready to start over with another doctor bc I was so upset with all of it. She asked for some time to look into it and called me back asking if I could bring Britney in, again, to see the owner of the medical center who is a pediatrician. So we made another trip over there and talked through everything that had happened. She spent a lot of time evaluating Britney's x-rays as well as looking at her arm. We decided together that a half cast would be best so we could take it off periodically and let her move it a little bit so we wouldn't have to do physical therapy at the end of it. While I was very upset about everything that had happened, I was equally impressed with how well they tried to remedy the situation and further take care of Britney. We kept the half cast on for another week, then just slowly let Britney go at her own pace in using her arm again until I felt like we didn't need the cast anymore. Overall it turned out ok, but definitely had lots of frustrations along the way. We should've had our initial follow-up before the cabin and gotten a hard cast put on. It's unfortunate that it went the way it did, but luckily Britney was a trooper and it all worked out.

Extended Family Fun

We got together with the Ericson extended family at a splash pad for an end of summer get together. The kids loved playing in the water and the adults all enjoyed talking. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Cabin Trip - Days 3 & 4

We continued having so much fun with our friends with lots of 4-wheeler rides. We ended up at the field to feed the horses, which all the kids loved. We played at the little playground and even got Josh and Andrew to play capture the flag with all the kids. Such a great weekend with such great friends! It was sad to see this one come to an end.