Saturday, February 25, 2017

Little Puppy

Our neighbor got a new puppy and of course the girls went nuts! Britney was adorable and insisted that she hold the puppy! She wouldn't let go of it....

Friday, February 24, 2017

Las Vegas - Day 3 & 4

Again I was wiped out so we slept all morning. We finally got up and got ready for the day. Josh has been adamant that we find street tacos while we were here so we set out to a highly rated taco place on the other side of the strip. We far! But we finally made it. It was SO worth it. They were some of the best tacos Josh has ever had (here in the US). They couldn't stop talking about the tacos the rest of the trip! After lunch Amy and I stopped to get pedicures. Amy paid to have flowers put on her big toes. Lol...not so much. We couldn't stop laughing when we all saw these smudged dots that were supposed to be flowers.  Back at the hotel Josh and Jeff wanted to sit and watch the Jazz game that was on so Amy and I walked around. We found a crepe place and bc we knew we wouldn't be eating dinner until after the show that night we decided to get an omelette and a crepe to share. It was one of my favorite meals of the week! We went to see Matt Franco who is a magician that won America's Got Talent 2 years ago. He was SO good! He was hilarious and his tricks were amazing. We definitely picked the right shows to go to this week! After the show we planned on watching the Bellagio water show, but it was too cold so we just went inside and ate at the Bellagio buffet. It was pricey but pretty good. Once we got back to our hotel we ended up sitting at a blackjack table and a couple of the dealers took the time to teach us how to play. We ended up playing for 2 hours while we asked a ton of questions. The dealer and the manager were so nice to go slow and teach us. It was fun to learn!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Las Vegas - Day 2

Because I wasn't feeling well we ended up sleeping in all morning. This cold wiped me out! We finally got up around 11 and got ready. We grabbed an Uber ride to the outlets and grabbed some lunch. Unfortunately, it's been pretty chilly while we've been here, so while we were shopping we all picked up some sweatshirts to keep warm. After getting back to the hotel we went and bought tickets for the other 2 shows we wanted to see. We got ready for the evening and grabbed a quick Uber to the other end of the strip. We walked around Caesar's Palace and ended up eating in the food court. It was actually one of the meals that I liked the most! We went to another Cirque du Solei show tonight. It wasn't as good as last nights, but it was neat to see how different the 2 shows were. We got some ice cream afterwards and crashed once again after returning to our hotel!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Las Vegas - Day 1

Vegas!!! In January we randomly decided that we should go on a quick trip while Cinthya was living with us and could take care of the kids. Jeff and Amy hopped on board and we decided to fly down to Vegas for a few days. Josh and I haven't gone to any of the shows down there so we thought it would be a lot of fun. Of course we wanted to go somewhere with a beach, but for this quick trip we decided we couldn't go that far. But we ended up having a great time! We flew down mid morning and checked into our hotel, the Luxor. At 9pm the night before we left I got hit hard with a cold. So random and out of nowhere. I was bummed bc I ended up feeling awful most of the week. But it was still fun. After freshening up in our hotel we headed down the strip to find some dinner and buy tickets for a show for that night. We ended up eating at the MGM Grand buffet, which was just ok, then bought tickets to go see Cirque du Solei's show Mystere. It was amazing! We ended up sitting on the front row, which was a very different perspective than we were used to. We looked up at everything instead of down. I absolutely loved it! It was funny and had so many awesome acts and scenery we were thoroughly entertained. We got back to our hotel pretty late and crashed for the night! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

These 2...

It's moments like this that make me know that my heart is going to break when Cinthya leaves...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Beginnings

For Young Women's we held our annual New Beginnings. It's an evening for the girls and their parents to learn about the theme of the year and stuff we have planned to do. We decided to go with the Disney UP movie and used "Reach UP to Him" as our theme. It was a wonderful evening. Me and the beehives were in charge of the decorations and we spent the last 2 activities painting the houses and making the lit sign. The mia maids did dessert and the Laurels were in charge of the program. We had lots of girls speak and share experiences about prayer and it was really neat to hear from them. I put together a group of 10 girls to sing the song "Reach Up To Him" and they did a great job! I spoke for a little bit and Cinthya also shared one of the experiences! For the closing song we had all the leaders and moms come up and sing "Walk Tall You're A Daughter" to the girls. It was neat for the moms to be singing to their girls. Overall it was a wonderful evening and the spirit was strong throughout.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Well I guess I didn't take many pictures on Valentine's Day. Bummer. Cinthya and I did hearts in Brooklyn and Brynlee's hair last night and they looked really cute for school. Brayden had his V-day party in school last Friday bc they had some big test today, which we forgot until 9:30 the night before and had to throw together a Valentine's box real quick. Both Brooklyn and Brynlee made theirs in school so it was pretty uneventful getting them to school. The handed out free Slurpee coupons and everyone loved them! I did hearts in Brielle's hair as well for school and she looked super cute. Cinthya watched the kids for the evening while Josh and I went to dinner, got a couple's massage, then headed to a movie. It was a wonderful day and an even better night!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kindergarten Operetta

Brynlee did a great job at her performance for the Operetta! We went super early and it paid off so we could sit on the front row. The girls loved watching it! Steve and Kay came, but unfortunately Josh was out of town so he had to watch the video. Her solo was perfect and we are all so proud of her!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Human Foosball

We had a combined activity and played human foosball. It was awesome and SO much fun!

Kindergarten Operetta Dress Rehearsal

This year the Kindergarten Operetta was Jungle Book. Brynlee got the lead girl role which was Shara. She had a solo, some parts on stage, and a little dance. She was SO cute! Because she had a solo they let us come to the Dress Rehearsal to take some pictures and video of her without all the crowds. Good job Brynlee!