Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots of Randomness

With us being so busy with the house, our lives have been pretty crazy. Here are a bunch of random pictures that are too cute not to post. This first picture is how I found Brayden after I packed a bunch of boxes and put them in our entry closet. Brayden had been asking to paint every time we went to the house. So we finally gave him a brush and let him enjoy. He loved it. Of course he wandered a bit and painted walls that were already done so we had to touch them up. But it was worth it b/c it kept him busy for quite some time. Here is his masterpiece.

Brooklyn loves to chase Copper. Copper is so old, however, he doesn't move fast enough to get away in time. Poor dog.Drinking water like a dog. Not sure why...Helping mom paint baseboards.Helping dad stir the mud.Taking advantage of a distracted mom. They emptied the whole cereal container and ate most of it. I have a feeling the mischievous behavior is only beginning...Asking Uncle Dave a thousand questions while he scraped glue off the stairs.

Monday, April 20, 2009


My brother Ryon and his family came down from Idaho for a few hours. They went to Ogden to pick up a trailer they bought and decided to stop by to see our new house (in progress.) It was fun to see them and their new little addition, Simon. Brayden always has so much fun when he gets to play with his cousins. Here Brayden is playing catch with Carson and Harry.
Eating pizza!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Easter

Because last weekend was so crazy, we never were able to do an egg hunt for the kids. I scored some awesome deals this week on Easter stuff, so it worked out great. On Sunday evening we hid the eggs and Brayden had a blast finding them all and opening them. Brooklyn also loved playing with the eggs and little toys.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Building and Packing

Here are a few random pictures of the Brayden as we continue to build and pack. The kids have been troopers as we have been spending a lot of time at the house. There isn't much for them to do at the house, so we have had to get creative. This picture is of the little fort I made for Brayden so he could watch his shows. He loved chillin' in it.Can you find Brayden? While we were packing I got out all the stuffed animals. He loved the Snoopy dog. The next morning when he woke up, he kept crying for "toothpaste." Josh couldn't figure out what he wanted, until he realized that the Snoopy dog looks like a neighbor's dog named Two-Face that Brayden always calls "toothpaste." Needless to say, Josh gave him the Snoopy and all was good again.This picture says it all. Brayden loves to watch grandpa and dad work, even when he is far past tired.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little Bunny

My mom gave Brooklyn these cute bunny ears for Easter. I had to post a picture of how cute they are on her, especially in her onsie that says, "Some Bunny Loves Me!"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Grandpa's Birthday

April 13th was my grandpa's 82nd birthday. Josh got off work late, so I took the kids over for his birthday party. It was a lot of fun to see him and I'm so glad that he is able to be a part of our kids' lives.

This picture was taken earlier in the day as we continue to pack. Who knew boxes could be so fun!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

I'm finally getting around to updating my blog. With us working so many long hours at the house I haven't had the time or energy to keep up. I realized over Easter weekend that it has been a while since I have had so much to do that I was stressed to the max. It made me miss the days when I had to keep a day planner to stay organized. Don't get me wrong...being a mom is hard work, but you can only write "eat, change poopy diapers, nap, eat, nap, change poopy diapers, eat..." so many times on your calendar before you just don't have to write it down anymore.

N-e way, April 10 was the end of my last post of "A Very Long Week" where we were working really hard on the house all week. Friday night we went to dinner with Celeste and Nate who were in town. Then we went back to our house to work some more. Saturday morning was my sister Celeste's baby shower so I spent the week getting ready for it. Josh took Brayden to work at the house while I took Brooklyn to my aunts house to set up for the shower. Overall, I think it went really well. We had yogurt and granola cups, bagels, banana bread, and OJ. It was fun to see Celeste as she gets closer to having her baby. We had a good turnout and she got a lot of stuff that she needed. After the shower I spent an hour and a half looking for Brooklyn's Easter dress. I knew which one I wanted but couldn't find the right size. I finally found it, then the rest of the day was spent working on the house while trying to get the kids down for naps and keep them entertained. Here are a couple of pics from the shower.
Saturday night I added black ribbon and a flower to Brooklyn's Easter dress so it would match Brayden's outfit. I also hemmed Brayden's pants. Around midnight I tried to find our plastic eggs to get them ready for Easter. No luck. I opened all the boxes I've packed trying to find them. I finally gave up, made crepe batter and went to bed upset that we had no egg hunt for the kids.

Sunday morning we went to my aunt and uncle's farewell and then we headed over to my mom's house for a yummy crepe breakfast that I was in charge of. After hanging out we went home for the kids to nap, then we had FHE at Josh's grandfather's house. We had a yummy ham dinner and a nice lesson, then it was back home. Since I had no eggs and we are all past the state of exhaustion, we bypassed the egg hunt and went to bed. We decided we would still do an Easter egg hunt for Brayden sometime during the week since he was so excited for it. Luckily he is too young to realize that Sunday was Easter. As long as the Easter bunny comes sometime this week, he'll be happy.

Here is Paige, Brayden, and Brooklyn. We never got a picture with them smiling or looking at the same camera, but I love how all three of them had their hands in their mouths. I tried so hard to get good Easter pictures of the kids. Unfortunately, as soon as the camera comes out, Brayden goes running. We plan on getting family pictures done soon in these outfits, so hopefully those will turn out better. Here are a few just to see their cute outfits.
Thanks to Josh's sister Rachael that bought Brayden this outfit. It's a little big, but he is SO adorable in it. He looks like such a big kid.
Brooklyn had a runny nose and wasn't feeling well, so it was hard to get her to smile.

Friday, April 10, 2009

New House Update

I have updated our house blog again.

A Very Long Week

About every night this week (April 6-10) we have gone over to the house to work. The kids have been troopers. I finally brought a bunch of stuff to keep the kids busy while we worked. Thank goodness I thought to bring a blowup mattress and a TV. Helps him have some down time while there is so much going on. All Brooklyn needs is a box.I bought this little tool set for Brayden - best thing I've done. He loves to "help" grandpa and follows him around asking all sorts of questions. He loves that he has a tool belt like grandpa. He hasn't stopped playing with the tools. I have quite a few more in the set I haven't given him yet. I'll add one every now and again to keep him excited.

On Friday we had to be at the house early so the carpet guy could come measure. I have been promising Brayden for a couple of weeks that we would go see all the fish at the Aquarium in Sandy. I had decided to get a season pass since we will live less than one mile from there. This was definitely the wrong day to go. I didn't realize that EVERY kid was out of school and EVERY parent decided to take their kids here. Brayden started freaking out when I told him we would come back, so we stayed and waited in line for 30 minutes to get in. (The line had doubled in size by the time we left.) Because I bought the season pass, I didn't really care to see everything and get all the pictures of the fun things they have there. We'll be going back lots so I'll get those pics later. Here are a few we did take.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

House Update

I finally got around to updating our home blog. Feel free to check it out!

Sink Time!

(March 24) Brooklyn got extra messy eating during lunch, so it seemed easier to quickly set her in the sink and spray her off. Naturally, Brayden had to join her so we had one big party in the sink. It's fun to watch the two of them as Brooklyn gets older and is starting to interact more with him.