Monday, November 30, 2015


Once in a while Brielle will go through a couple of days where she won't nap. She will just play in her crib for 2 hrs then return to napping a few days later. One day she randomly started screaming and I wasn't sure what was going on. I figured she had fallen asleep and had woken up and was ready to get out of her crib. Hmmm...not so much. I'm guessing she never fell asleep bc I found her like this. She had pulled this bin of random stuff into her crib, played with it, then got stuck inside of it. I couldn't stop laughing. She wasn't happy that I left her there to go get my camera.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


The kids were thrilled to go out and play in the first snowstorm. They had a blast, even though there wasn't much snow yet. Poor little Brielle. She went out and had fun for a little bit, came inside and took everything off, then decided she wanted to go back out without everything. Of course I let her instead of fight her. There's only one way to realize why you where boots in the snow...bc your feet get cold. She figured it out pretty quickly...

Friday, November 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas

I always get SO excited for December. I love all the online shopping and deals throughout the month. I put the Christmas tree up a few days early and Elfie made it!!! The kids were thrilled to see him again. Yay for the holidays!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Well what a bummer! This is the only picture I took on Thanksgiving. Oops...We had Thanksgiving with the Ericsons this year. We started off going to the movie, "The Good Dinosaur" in the morning, then headed home for naps. After the girls got up we headed over to their house for a yummy Thanksgiving dinner and we hung out all night. It was fun to relax and enjoy the evening!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Brayden turned 9 and graduated from being a Wolf! It's crazy to think with no more boys we won't ever have a Wolf again. Congrats bud! Proud of you!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nerf Wars!

Brayden wanted a nerf wars party. After looking online for ideas, we quickly booked the church and started planning! We saved our boxes and took everything we could think of over to the church to set up stuff to hide behind. Brayden had 20 friends come and it was a blast. Like SO much fun I couldn't believe how easy it was. We played games in the gym for about 45 min, then did presents and Twinkies, then played Capture the Flag until parents came. We easily could've played for another hour. Brayden had a blast and got so many fun presents he was in heaven!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Brielle Finally Gets Scoped!

So it's no secret that Brielle has had health issues ever since she was 6 months old. It has been a really rough 2 years full of dr appts, tests, different specialists, and no answers. We started seeing our first specialist again, after having seen 2 other ones since him, and finally have started getting somewhere. He put her back on Prevacid thinking it was still reflux related. We have always felt that her issues were not food related, even though that's where all the drs start. We saw MAJOR improvements with her after she was back on the Prevacid. After a couple of months on that the dr had us take her off to see where her symptoms were at. Immediately she went downhill and struggled big time. We had to decided whether or not to have him scope her. Otherwise she would just go back on the meds and we would see how she was every 3-4 months. We felt very strongly to get her scoped. Britney still has struggled as well and we thought it could help bring us answers on her too. So we set up the appt and took her in. She did really well until we had to walk to the "line" and hand her off to the anesthesiologist. She didn't like that so much. My mom came and was able to take care of Britney in the waiting room so Josh and I could both be there with her. The procedure was actually quite quick. Immediately afterwards we were able to see her and talk to the dr. He found that her sphincter muscle isn't contracting which is what is causing major problems. It causes a hiatal hernia to develop which has been the cause of her stomach cramps. So the poor girl has pretty much had the worst heartburn ever her whole life. Unfortunately, this isn't something that will ever develop. Infants grow out of it when that muscle develops around 6-8 months, but hers just never developed. So she will have chronic heartburn for the rest of her life. The dr took some biopsies, which looked better than he expected. So we are going to hold for for a while on doing the x ray that she'll need to have next. Surgery is an option if it becomes unmanageable. But for now we will keep her on her meds and try to pin down which foods aggravate her soda pop. Try telling a 2 yr old she can't have pop when everyone else is. Not easy! We are just SO grateful to finally have an answer. I mentally have struggled with it for 2 yrs, wondering if I'm crazy, if I'm making it up, or if it's just bad habits. Because there wasn't ever a concrete pattern or set of symptoms, it has been hard to get drs to believe me and know what to do. You never want to find something wrong with your kid, but in this case we are feel so blessed to have finally discovered what is bothering her and that it wasn't something worse. So for now we can manage her pain with her meds and wait for her to be a little bit older to continue doing tests and procedures. We love you Brielle!

Brayden's 9th Birthday

Yay for birthdays!!! Brayden has been counting down the days and making sure I knew everything he had on his list of what he wanted. Kay and Steve came over in the morning and made him breakfast which he always LOVES! He then headed off to school. I went over and got to spotlight him in his class and take some fun treats. He chose Training Table for his dinner so we met up with Kay and Steve again to open presents and eat dinner. He was thrilled to get presents and loved ordering his own turkey sandwich and fries that he didn't have to share with anyone! Happy Birthday Bud!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Samantha's Tree

We got together to start decorating Samantha's tree for the Festival of Trees. It was fun to the spend the evening with my family. We got it just about finished, but realized by the end that we still needed to work on it. So we will buy some more stuff and finish it at the expo center on decorating day.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mattress Slide!

Once in a while I try to let the kids do fun things that I would rather them not do. This is one of them. I bought a mattress from the neighbor, so of course it had to be a slide for a a couple of days. The kids loved it!

Getting' Cold!

We love how long it takes for winter to come. It's fun to be able to play outside still. I'm NOT looking forward to being inside all day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Games with Claudia

Kids are great. They don't care about race, color of skin, or even language. We have amigos come stay with us all the time and the kids love it. They will play with them and interact with them even though they can't communicate. The kids loved having Claudia around and cried when she left. Here they are teaching her how to play Spot It!

Big Helper

Brooklyn has always loved playing with everyone and anyone around, including babies. She has been my biggest helper and will play with Brielle or Britney whenever I need help. Brynlee, on the other hand, is more reserved and likes to play by herself. It's fun, though, when she does play with Britney and wants to help out. I love seeing her interact with the younger girls bc I know it's doesn't come as naturally for her. She was so proud when she showed me she could carry the baby!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cabin Trip w/ Claudia

We hosted Claudia for the week from Mexico. Josh baptized her on him mission and sh has been saving up to come here. We spent the week trying to take her downtown, BYU, and anywhere else we could think of. We thought it would be fun to take her up to the cabin so we loaded up and headed out. We weren't there very long but it was a lot of fun. I didn't take many pics, but it's always nice to get away for a few days.