Wednesday, October 31, 2018


So exhausting, but so fun! After school the kids hung out then we finally were able to get ready to go trick or treating! Brayden headed out with Mason and they went all over the place. Marc and I took all the girls out and they had a blast with each other. Brooklyn and Raygan were awesome. They were both matching creepy dolls and spent the whole time going up to the houses and getting in their backbends and creeping the people out. Everyone loved it. Josh finally made it home from work and joined us. We split with the Jensen's and headed over to the Ericson's so they could see the kids in their costumes. Such a fun day!

School Halloween Parade & Party

Josh and I headed over to the school for the kids' Halloween parade. It's always so fun to see them! Britney loved seeing all the princesses, but wasn't too sure about all the monsters and "scary guys." After the parade I stayed and went to Brynlee's class to help out with her party. I was in charge of the Minute to Win it games. The kids had a lot of fun and did really well at the different challenges!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Carving Pumpkins

For family night we were able to finally carve the pumpkins the kids brought home from school. Of course our "family night" was different kids at different times of the evening carving their pumpkins bc we are so busy with bball and dance rehearsals. But we got them done!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Brewer Family Halloween Party

Justin and Ali hosted our Halloween party this year. It's always so much fun to see everyone's costumes and play games with them. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Ward Trunk-or-Treat

Our ward had our first trunk or treat! I've asked them to do this for years and they finally did! It was a hit and a lot of people came out. We trick or treated around to all the decorated trunks then headed inside for chili and donuts. I ended up on the committee bc no one had ever been to one before, so it was fun (and stressful) to help out with everything. Brooklyn wanted to be a creepy doll this year...and boy was she creepy! She walked around everywhere in a backbend and it really creeped people out. She loved it!

Gardner Village

I had told the girls I would take them to see the witches at Gardner Village, but we had so much going on that it was hard to fit it in. Brielle was really sad so I we stopped on the way home to quickly walk through. Vivian came with us and it turned out to be a lot of fun. They loved finding all the witches and they even got to pet a passing llama!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cabin Trip - Days 3 & 4

So much fun! This has been a great cabin trip. It warmed up a little bit today so we headed down to the field and played some awesome capture the flag games. We did more crafts and just enjoyed relaxing and hanging out. The Boardman's had to leave today so it was sad to watch them go. We stayed one more night and enjoyed a quiet and peaceful Sunday together as a family before heading home.