Saturday, March 16, 2019

Dance Competition - Gotta Move (Team)

We were up and at em super early today! Luckily I started off with only having to get Brielle ready. We packed up and headed back to the comp so she could do her team dances. Today is the day I've been working towards for a couple of weeks. Every year I make little miniature dance costumes for stuffed animals that match one of the girls dance costumes. It's a fun thing I've done for a few years and the girls absolutely love it. It takes a lot of work, though, but I love to sew so I enjoy it. Unfortunately this competition ended up being really crazy so the "moment" I've been waiting for didn't happen. I literally had only moments to grab all the girls when they were in the right costume to give them their animals and take a couple pics. Then they headed off to get ready for the next dance. Oh well. They still loved them. I'm getting better at the tiny costume making so it wasn't too difficult this year...although with 3 teams now it's just A LOT of animals!!!