Friday, March 8, 2019

Dance Competition - Aspire (Solos)

It's SO nice that the kids are off track right now. We were able to spend yesterday getting ready for another competition. This was the first one for Brielle and the first one for the girls' solos!!! We headed up to Ogden early in the morning bc Brynlee had her solo at 11:30. She did great!!! They were ahead of schedule and we didn't know that, so we made it out of the dressing room to go backstage with only about 5 min to spare.  Oops. But she handled it well and danced beautifully! We headed to our favorite restaurant...IHOP for lunch. The girls filled up on all sorts of yummy food, then we headed to the hotel to check in and relax for a little bit. Apparently my brother's company own the Marriott in Ogden and was able to get us a hotel room for only $40! It was SO nice to stay the night up there instead of go home and go back super early in the morning. We made it back to the competition for Brooklyn to do her solo. She also did a great job! I love watching the girls dance and the confidence they get by doing solos. After the awards we grabbed Rylee from the train station (she is hanging out with us for the night and coming to the competition tomorrow), then we headed back to the hotel so the girls could go swimming! We finally made it to the room and the girls crashed for the night!