Wednesday, March 27, 2019

State STEM Fair

Back in November Brayden won the STEM fair at the school! He then moved onto Region and ended up moving on to State! He was excited to get a day off of school and be bussed down to BYU to compete again. Later in the afternoon we saw that his number was posted to receive an award later that evening. So Brayden and I headed down to Provo with his friend Mason and his mom to the awards ceremony. Brayden took 3rd! Congrats!!! It was fun to see him recognized and he loved getting a trophy and some $$$!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Bunny Hop

Once in a while the stars aline and kids get along. I looked outside and saw the girls having fun together so I had to grab a few pics!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Jazz Game

Last November all Brayden wanted for his birthday party was to take some of his b-ball buddies to a Jazz game. Of course with the holidays we weren't able to get it together, so finally I was able to find a game that would work and we went ahead and planned it all out. We kept it as a surprise for Brayden, which was a little tricky.  I picked Brayden up from practice and dropped him off home to shower, then ran back and grabbed his buddies from practice. They hid in the car while I grabbed Brayden and had him get in the car. They all surprised him and he was SO excited! Josh, Steve, and Aaron took the boys down and had a blast at the game. Happy late birthday party bud! 

Monday, March 18, 2019


We've had a couple of ducks hanging around the neighborhood for a while. The girls love hunting them down and try to feed them. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Patricks Day

Lucky the Leprechaun came by during the night and left some treats for the kids! While we were at church he came back! He did a little treasure hunt and left a basket full of gold coins! 

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Dance Competition - Gotta Move (Team)

We were up and at em super early today! Luckily I started off with only having to get Brielle ready. We packed up and headed back to the comp so she could do her team dances. Today is the day I've been working towards for a couple of weeks. Every year I make little miniature dance costumes for stuffed animals that match one of the girls dance costumes. It's a fun thing I've done for a few years and the girls absolutely love it. It takes a lot of work, though, but I love to sew so I enjoy it. Unfortunately this competition ended up being really crazy so the "moment" I've been waiting for didn't happen. I literally had only moments to grab all the girls when they were in the right costume to give them their animals and take a couple pics. Then they headed off to get ready for the next dance. Oh well. They still loved them. I'm getting better at the tiny costume making so it wasn't too difficult this year...although with 3 teams now it's just A LOT of animals!!!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dance Competition - Gotta Move (Solos)

Another weekend, another dance competition! Being off track for the first 3 dance competitions has been such a blessing. They haven't had to miss any school and it has really helped to not have to worry about homework while trying to get ready for these weekends. This comp was up in Ogden we got to stay at the same hotel again which the girls loved doing! The girls did both of their solos in the evening this time, so we didn't have to leave until the afternoon. I randomly texted my mom last night to see if she wanted to join us and she was able to arrange her schedule so she could join us! It was fun to have her with us and it helped SO much to have her around to help with Brielle. We made it up to our hotel in time to get the girls ready and go over to the comp. They girls killed it! They both danced SO well. Brooklyn was incredible...Misty and I just looked at each other and couldn't believe how much she improved in just one week. Her weakness is feeling the music so she spent some time this week working on it with one of the other dance teachers. Well it worked! I've never seen her dance with so much emotion before. After they danced we headed to IHOP for dinner then I dropped my mom and Brielle off at the hotel so they could get settled and get to bed. The girls and I went back to the competition bc the awards didn't start until 11:30pm!! So late! We finally made it to the hotel and the girls just crashed! I ended up in the lobby finishing my animals (see tomorrow's post) then got to bed around 2.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

More Birthday Fun

My mom stopped by to wish Britney a happy birthday! These 2 have a special bond and I seeing Britney gravitate towards her. She loved her gifts and spending time together. For the evening we headed to the Ericson's to do more celebrating. I love this little girl and she is the sweetest thing. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Britney's Birthday!!!

We zoomed back from Ogden and met up with Josh and the other kids at Chuck-a-rama to celebrate Britney's birthday. Josh's parents joined us and they were babysitting Rachel's baby which was fun to have around. After dinner we headed back to the house so Britney could open her presents! Happy Birthday Brit!

Dance Competition - Aspire (Team)

Second comp for Brooklyn and Brynlee, but the first competition for Brielle!!! We had to wake up really early to get Brielle and Brynlee ready bc they danced at the beginning of the competition. It's so crazy having 3 girls competing...I am constantly getting one of them ready for their next dance and hardly have any time to relax! But it's awesome and the girls are doing great! It's fun to see them get better and better with each competition. They all did great! We headed out as soon as we could to get back to celebrate Britney's birthday!