Thursday, February 22, 2018

First Solo Dance Competition

This is the first year I've been able to handle adding solos into our already busy dance schedule. The girls used their solos from the Reflections contest from school. Misty, our dance studio owner, took those solos and fixed them and made them better. We've been working SO hard on them and the girls were ready for their first competition! Brooklyn's music was called "Gold" and her costume was absolutely breath taking on stage. Brynlee danced to "The Glow" and looked amazing. This comp was at Thanksgiving Point, and it was more of a dress rehearsal. It's the perfect first comp bc it's small to get ready for the bigger competitions. They both did great! I couldn't help but get really emotional watching them. The confidence they have to get up and perform their solos was inspiring. Brooklyn's friends were there competing their trio  so it was fun that they got to support each other and cheer  each other on. I can't wait to see them improve with each competition! Oh...and they both got 1st place at this comp!