Monday, July 3, 2017

Dominican Republic - Day 6 (New York)

We had to be to the airport by 1am for our red eye flight. We lucked out bc both of us couples ended up on a row of the airplane with an extra seat. So I was able to lay down for the majority of the flight and got little bit of sleep. The one positive about having to take the red eye was that we got to spend the day in New York while we waiting for our flight at 9pm. We left as much luggage as we could at the airport and headed out. We got a quick breakfast then headed to the subway. Wow. The subway system is amazing! We hopped on and got off as close to the World Trade Center as we could. Michael and Natalie had already been to the museum so they went to the Brooklyn bridge while we went through the museum. We were speechless as we walked through it reading all the stories and seeing all the items they salvaged. It was very touching and I won't ever forget how it felt to walk through those halls and stairs where so much tragedy and devastation took place. We wished we had more time to spend there, but after 2 hrs we were completely exhausted and very hungry. Josh's back hurt SO bad that we had to leave to eat lunch and rest a little bit. I'm sure we will visit the museum a few more times throughout our lives and we will learn more each time we go. 

We walked to a little pizza joint which ended up being really good NY pizza. There is so much to see in NY we kind of had to pick and choose what we wanted to do. So we walked to where we could see the Brooklyn bridge and then the Statue of Liberty. We didn't have time to take the ferry out to the island, but it was still cool to see it from afar. We then headed to Times Square. We walked around a bit and found a little shop to buy the kids some souvenirs. It was pouring rain and we were completely exhausted so we decided it was time to head back to the airport. We ate dinner there and waited for our flight. It was another late flight and we didn't land until 1:30am (3:30 NY time). What a trip!!!