Sunday, September 11, 2016

California Day 10 - Church/LA Temple

Sunday we took it easy in the morning while Michael and Natalie packed up and headed home. We headed out to a nearby church at 11, only to walk in and realize we missed half of a Samoan stake conference. At least we tried! We stayed for the second hour, then headed back to relax for the afternoon. In the evening Brooklyn and I headed out to the LA temple to meet up with Syd Bloxham from our ward in South Jordan. She and her sister are here doing an internship and she offered to take Brooklyn's baptism pictures! We were so lucky to find a dress yesterday! She looked SO gorgeous...of course the humidity was awful for her hair and all her curls fell out before we even started. I should've thought about that and done something different with her hair. Oh well. They still turned out great.  I even got teary eyed during some of the pictures as it looked just like she would be getting married. The sun set quick so we did our best getting all the pictures we wanted. Syd did a great job and they turned out great and she even made a little video for us!We made the hour drive home and relaxed again for the evening!