Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Sunday holidays are always hard. But this year was a lot of fun! Josh gave each of the girls a rose, which is a new tradition we are hoping to do every year. So I gave Brayden a stuffed animal. For the evening we headed to Celeste's house for dinner and decorating cookies. So fun! After all the kids were in bed I set up a nice bubble bath, candles, and some sweet treats for Josh. I even bought bath salts! We were shocked at how nice the bath salts made the water feel. He was totally surprised because we are planning on going out Monday night.  It was a very romantic evening together! Monday night Josh and I went for a couples massage...which was fantastic! We have got to do that more! Then we headed to dinner. It was the first time we left all 5 kids with a babysitter and it went great!