Friday, December 25, 2015


Christmas is always SO fun!!! The kids let us sleep in till after 9, then we finally got up and got everything ready. We said our morning prayer then the kids sat on the stairs and waited for me to get cameras set up. We lined them up and got ready for them to turn around! The kids went nuts opening all their gifts. After they opened everything we got them up, we handed them each a "note" that Santa left them. It said to look under the couch for their Santa gift. They were confused bc they thought they opened everything up, but they found one more gift under iPad minis!!! They each got one and were SO excited! Thanks Santa! 

My parents came over and we enjoyed spending time with them. They got the girls American Girl (generic) dolls, and they loved them. They also gave them matching pjs for them and the dolls. They looked SO cute! They spent all day playing with them. We finally got around to making breakfast, or by that time it was lunch. The girls took a good nap, then all the Ericsons came over for Christmas dinner and gifts. It was fun to spend time with them and enjoy the holiday.