Sunday, May 31, 2015

Matching Dresses!

Everyone knows I love to match my girls. Luckily they love it too. They all looked so cute in their Hawaii dresses! They weren't the happiest after church, but I managed to snap a few pics. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Family Night

For our Family Night this month we headed to an awesome park by Sean and Rachelle's house. It was fun to be at a new park and to play with all the cousins. We ate, played Kubb, had handstand contests, did bubbles, and played till the kids were worn out (and the adults)!


So this is nothing new. With Britney being my 4th girl, we've seen this happen a lot. Like...a lot. But it still makes me laugh every time I go in and see this:

Dance Recital

The girls had their year end dance recital. It was fun for dad to finally see Brooklyn dance since he wasn't able to go to any of the competitions. They both did a great job and we all had a lot of fun! We headed to Joanna's Kitchen afterwards for lunch. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dance Costumes

I don't let the girls play in their new dance costumes until their dance recital is over. But I needed to get them out to air them out so I let them try them on. They quickly found a costume for Brielle and danced around for an hour. Britney loved sitting and watching.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Andrew's Birthday

As soon as we got home from the cabin we rushed and showered everyone and headed out to meet up with the Ericsons to celebrate Andrew's birthday. We went to a yummy hamburger place (can't remember the name). It was fun to hand out with everyone and celebrate with Andrew.

Cabin Trip - Day 3

Aaron ended up coming up to the cabin and the kids had a lot of fun with him. We spent Memorial Day relaxing and cleaning up. Such a fun weekend!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cabin Trip - Day 2

We continued to have a lot of fun at the cabin. When I went to check on the girls on our way to bed Brooklyn was literally doing the splits in her sleep. By the time I grabbed my camera she had moved, so I made her recreate it when they woke up in the morning. 
Josh, Kay, and Steve headed back home super early on Sunday morning to go to Josh's cousin's mission farewell. So I played with the kids all morning. It was a lot of fun and went a lot better than I expected. Kay ended up staying home but Josh and Steve came back up.
 These two were a hoot to watch washing dishes together.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cabin Trip - Day 1

We headed up to the cabin over Memorial Day. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work to get it ready for the summer. It was just us and Josh's parents so it was quiet but the kids did great. They actually played really well all weekend. Hardly any fighting, everyone slept great, and lots of quality time with grandma and grandpa.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last Flag Football Game

Brayden had his last football game. He's had a great time playing and has done a great job!

Annual Food Show

Brayden and Brooklyn were at school and were so sad they missed Josh's food show. I'll probably check them out of school next year for it. It's always fun to see Josh and sample the food from hundreds of vendors. It made for a yummy lunch and we went home with bags full of yummy samples.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


         So...quite the story. On Thursday, April 30,  I got an IUD put in. Thursday and Friday I had the normal expected symptoms that come with that. Saturday morning I woke up feeling pretty sick. Nauseous, back ache, stomach cramps, etc. It felt like I was in labor. I took some Tylenol and was able to make it through the day in Ogden for Brooklyn's dance competition. By the time I got home in the evening I was feeling sick again, but powered through as we got ready for Britney's blessing. I finally couldn't do anymore and headed for bed.
        Sunday morning (May 3) I woke up early to get the food and house ready for the blessing. I couldn't stand up. I was so nauseous and light headed and had a fever. I called my mom and Steve and asked them to come over early to help get everything ready with Josh. With more Tylenol I was able to make it through the blessing. We had everyone over for lunch afterwards and as the Tylenol wore off I was still feeling pretty sick. Mainly nauseous, a little cramping, and a fever. After everyone left I started looking online and found that a fever after getting an IUD put in means there is an infection somewhere. So I called my on call dr. and he said to go to the emergency room.
        We spent about 6 hrs in the ER on Sunday night. They did an ultrasound of the IUD, internal checks, etc. and everything showed that the IUD was fine and in there right spot. They were able to find an infection in my urine so they picked an antibiotic that would be safe for Britney to have through my breastmilk. They had an IV running the whole time. They were reluctant at 12:30am to send me home, but bc we had the baby with us and I was nursing they said we could go home as long as we came back if the fever wasn't manageable.
        I woke up at 4:30am with a 104 degree fever. I went ahead and took some Norco and it was lowered to 102. By the time I woke up at 8:30 it was up to 105. I finally was able to talk to my dr. and he had me take more Tylenol and said if we could keep the fever under 102 we could stay home, but if it kept getting high I needed to go back in to the ER. This morning is when my head and neck pain started. My neck was extremely stiff and my head was hurting all over and was very intense. Josh stayed home from work and my mom came over to help as well. By the afternoon the fever kept spiking to 105 so we headed back to the ER.
        We had the same nurse practitioner as the night before. She said they were confused bc the urine infection they found the night before didn't grow, which meant that wasn't the source of the infection. They did more blood work and another urine test. We also did a CT scan of my abdomen and again confirmed that the IUD was in the right place. Tonight the urine cultures grew so they were able to identify the strain of bacteria that was spreading. Group A Strep...very rare to have this strain in the urine and blood. They found the bacteria in my blood and kidney as well. We kept talking about my head and neck pain, but they were so focused on the IUD that we didn't really explore it too much. They thought it could be meningitis or from the epidural. They confirmed that the antibiotic they had given me the night before would work with this strain of infection. They said all the symptoms should start going away by the next night so we needed to just make sure they didn't get worse.
        Everything started getting better except the head and neck pain. It was still pretty intense. But the fever was low and the other symptoms were dissipating, so I just toughed it out. My mom came for a few hours on Wednesday to help when Josh had to get back to work. By Friday, I was still having issues with the head and neck pain. By now we still just thought it was a side effect of the IUD. I was able to go to the kid's school programs but by the afternoon I had decided I just wanted the IUD out. I couldn't wait until the next week to get in my dr.'s office. So we headed back to the ER, again (May 8), bc they said that was the next step if things weren't getting better. We had a new dr. this time. As soon as we started talking to him about all the events of the week, he was shocked. He couldn't believe that the dr.'s earlier in the week didn't immediately do a spinal tap to check for meningitis.
        This dr. diagnosed me with bacterial meningitis. He considered doing a spinal tap but that would only confirm it. Since the fever was going down and the antibiotics were working, there was no reason to put me through that. Although we determined that none of the symptoms I was feeling were from the IUD, I still asked him to take it out. He tried, but couldn't find it so I'll have to go to my dr. for that. We talked about meningitis and what to do if the symptoms got any worse then we headed home. What a week!
        When I told my parents about having meningitis my dad completely freaked out. Since meningitis is a deadly infection, he was very worried. So since it was Saturday we called a dr. that is in Josh's extended family and talked to him about everything to make sure there wasn't anything more we were supposed to be doing. He assured us that even had they diagnosed it sooner the treatment would've been the same. And as long as I was feeling better than I was on the right track with the right antibiotic. He gave us a lot of peace and helped us relax a little bit. We had read way too much online and were terrified.
        The head and neck pain finally subsided and only popped up on occasion. The fever finally broke and hasn't come back. When I took Britney to her 2 month appt. the pediatrician was kind enough to spend quite a bit of time talking about meningitis and answering all my questions. He suggested that I get a family dr. to follow up with. So I went in to see an internal medicine dr. the following Friday (May 15). It was so good to meet with him. I had been losing a lot of sleep while I would lay in bed awake thinking about all the what if's, what should've happened, and what could've happened. We did a neurological exam and said that everything was looking good and it didn't seem like I was having any effects from the meningitis. He said to really pay attention to how I feel after I finish the antibiotics on Sunday, 2 weeks after our first ER visit.
        Today is Tuesday (May 19) and I continue to feel really good. My head and neck still hurt once in a while, but my fever hasn't come back. I still find myself struggling with the what if's, but I'm trying to focus on all the many blessings and tender mercies we received. First, to be blessed with the thought to call my on call dr. Otherwise I would've waited until the next morning to call my dr. and ask him what to do. Going in that first night and starting the antibiotics 12 hrs before the meningitis symptoms started was such a tender mercy. Had we not started the antibiotics so quickly, it's possible the infection would've spread further into my brain and caused more problems. I often find myself mad that they focused so much on the IUD and didn't do a spinal tap. I really should've been admitted to the hospital for 3 days while they managed the symptoms and made sure the meningitis was under control. I get upset thinking about having to go home and take care of it myself, especially when I just felt like I had to toughen up and just deal with it while I took care of the kids. But I try to remember that we were very blessed to have had the right antibiotic so soon. They easily could've picked a different antibiotic that wouldn't have worked against the meningitis. What a blessing!
       So that's where it's at. I'm still really cautious every time my head hurts. I'm trying to move forward and not get stuck thinking about how bad it could've gotten.  Most likely from getting the IUD put in I contracted the bacteria, and unfortunately it happened to find it's way to my urinary tract, kidney, blood, and spinal fluid...all very rare places for this bacteria to be found. Hopefully I don't have any complications in the future. I'm hoping all that I'm left to deal with is the PTSD and thinking about all the what if's. We were so blessed and I'm beyond grateful that I am still here, healthy, and with no serious complications. Not sure how I deserved to receive so many tender mercies, but I'm grateful to my Father in Heaven for taking care of me during such a serious illness.

Monday, May 18, 2015


For family night we had donuts and jumped on the bounce house.  I had put the bounce house away bc it got warm so early in the spring, but then all the rain came. So the kids were needing an energy release!