Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vacation - Preparations

Getting ready for our vacation pushed me to levels of stress I haven't seen in quite some time. To add to the stress, I thought it would be fun to wear matching colors while in Disneyland and Sea World. I have no summer clothes for any of our kids, so since I had to buy new clothes I just bought them to match each other. Yes...I'm a little eccentric. When I started packing, I had to lay everything out to make sure I wasn't forgetting everything.
For the past couple of months the kids have been earning money to put in their Disneyland jars. They've been really excited to earn money, eventhough they don't quite understand what going to Disneyland really means. Here they are, so proud of their jars:
Finally the time came to put all their money in their little wallets to take on our trip. It was fun to see them so excited.


Kim said...

Shantelle-- this is darling! My favorite part about that first pictures is all the hairbows lying next to each outfit. Too cute!

Karson, Betsy, Izzy, and Beckham said...

I love that you did the matchy matchy for the whole family! Sp fun. It looks like you had a great time!