Friday, May 13, 2011

Vacation Day 7 - Disneyland

We woke up Friday morning and checked out of our condo. We hopped in the van and headed back to Disneyland. While we were putting on sunblock, Pluto walked by so we quickly hopped in line to see him. This was fantastic since Pluto is Brayden's favorite and he had picked out a Pluto stuffed animal the night before. 
Pluto was being funny and turned around for the picture. Brayden thought he was pretty funny.
There were only a few things left that we wanted to make sure we did, one of which was the It's A Small World ride. This was one of the kids' favorites. All 3 kids LOVED this ride.
We then headed to Mickey's Toon Town. The kids loved running around and playing. Don't mind the creepy guy watching Brooklyn go down the slide.
It is SO nice going to Disneyland in the off season. Today was more crowded than Tues and Wed, but the lines were still minimal.  I would hate to have waited in the line for Mickey Mouse. We walked through his house at our leisure which gave the kids plenty of time to play.
Meeting Mickey was fun. I wish I had my nice camera on this trip, but these pictures will have to do.
We decided to do the Matterhorn next. Brooklyn was tall enough to ride this ride, so we took advantage. Brayden, of course, was terrified and wanted to get off the ride the entire time. Brooklyn, however, absolutely loved it. It is the ride that she tells everyone about. She also has to tell everyone about the "scary monsters" that were insinde the "cave." The only part of the ride she didn't like were the abominable snowmen inside the mountain. But besides that, we were very surprised that she like it so much.
One of the things on our "have to" list was to see Tinkerbell. Brooklyn is not at all interested in the Princesses, which was fine with us since that line was @ 2 hrs long. For some reason, however, Brooklyn absolutely LOVES Tink. The wait for Tinkerbell was only 20 minutes so we hopped in line. Of course she took a break when we got near the front of the line, so the "20" minutes ended up being 40. But it was well worth it. Here are the kids eating a snack while we waited.
Brooklyn wouldn't go near the boy fairy, but Brayden wanted to get a picture.
Then it was the moment we had waited all week for. We went around the corner in Pixie Hollow and there she was. Brooklyn was in such awe she just stood there looking at her.
We wanted a quick picture with all the girls. We couldn't get Brooklyn to look at the camera. She just kept staring at Tink. It was such a memorable moment.
We hopped on the Jungle Cruise and ended up at the front of the boat. Of course that was right next to the tour guide that scared Brayden at the beginning, so he wasn't a fan of the rest of the ride. Go figure.
Brynlee was really good all week taking naps along the way. We had to carry her a lot throughout the day so that we had her carseat with us, but it was well worth it. The other kids, however, were a little trickier. Brayden finally fell asleep in the stroller after I laid it back on the bench. We took turns going on Thunder Mountain while someone stayed with the kids. I had to get a picture.
After Thunder Mountain, we had time to do 1 more ride before we had to leave to get Rachael to the airport. We decided it would be worth it to rush over to California Adventure to do the Toy Story ride again. It was a good decision because Brooklyn fell asleep on the walk over there. I hopped in line with Brynlee while Josh and Rachael sat with the kids while they slept. After about 30 minutes in line Josh woke up the kids and hopped in line with me. Once again, we all loved this ride.
We rushed back to Disney's Mainstreet to get our pressed pennies and a few quick souvenirs. We snapped our last picture on our way out as we said goodbye to Disneyland.
Here's Brynlee on the bus back to the car.
We quickly drove to the airport so Rachael could catch her flight. She had tickets to see Wicked the next day so she had to leave early. After dropping her off we headed to our hotel next to the airport and crashed! We ordered dinner from the room service menu, ate, put the kids to bed, and then Josh and I relaxed until we crashed. Another successful and fun day!!!