Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vacation Day 4 - Disneyland

 At the beginning of our trip Brayden was pretty disappointed. We kept calling it our "Disneyland trip" so when we landed at the airport he thought we'd be in Disneyland. Finally, after 3 days we made it! We woke up early and hopped in the van for the hour drive. We were able to park at the hotel we booked for that night and headed over to Disneyland. The kids were mesmorized! We really thought Brayden would be the one to have a magical experience, but he was getting over a cold so he just wanted to stay in the stroller. Brooklyn, however, was in heaven! She LOVED going into the castle and loved all the rides. Here we are at the Buzz ride:
Brayden loved watching the Star Wars guys:
We waited in line quite a while for the Finding Nemo Submarine. It was pretty cool and the kids really like it (and no, Brooklyn is not sucking her thumb.)
Autopia! The kids loved this one as well.
We didn't spend much time waiting in lines for the characters. We were lucky, however, to run into a few of them here and there. While we were taking pictures with Chip and Dale, Goofy walked by and gave Brayden a handshake, which he thought was so cool:
This was the Peter Pan ride. It's hard to tell, but you can see the concern on Brayden's face as they were about to go on the ride:
I didn't take many pictures the rest of the day. Because our hotel was so close, we went back there so the kids could take a nap. I LOVED this hotel. There were two rooms, one of which had bunk beds for the kids. After the nap we headed back to Disneyland. After a few more rides, Disneyland closed and we all went and crashed at the hotel.