Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Attempt At Kite Flying

Instead of weeding the front flower beds, we decided to walk to the park and fly the kites the kids got for Easter. Unfortunately, there wasn't quite enough wind to keep the kites up for long, but the kids had fun while it lasted. Here's Brooklyn holding her kite:
Brayden with his Spiderman kite:

Taking a break for some juice:
We took Jazz with us and she didn't stop running after the tennis balls. Here she is pausing to get a drink:
The kids played on the playground for a little bit before we headed home:


Kim said...

I can't believe how big Jazz has gotten. Garrett keeps asking for a dog and I've had to get creative. For now, his big stuffed animal dog is going to have to suffice. Looks like you are having fun bringing in the spring weather, though! Kites are the best!